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    What’s your favorite oral steroid?

    I’ve only tired Win, Var, Dbol and turinabol. My favorite by far turinabol.
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    Skinny fat 18 year old. Should I take steroids?

    If the picture in the signature is you. You have a pretty solid base at 18. So I’m gonna say hell the fuck no. Keep lifting, eating the right foods and stay away for junk. If you start now, your killing the potential your body has naturally.
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    Military and Military Families

    That was a long read. I’m gonna step out on limb here and assume you probably never served. The vast majority of us don’t give a shit about he politics involved. We don’t fight for the Military Industrial Complex. We do it for the person to our left and right. To make sure we all get home. So...
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    AG’s 2023 Memorial Day SALE!!!

    And the fucked up think is I missed the same because of the Army. Lol.
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    Fast X is fucking horrible

    The first F&F will always have a special place for me because I un knowingly worked on some of the cars before the movie came out. I worked at an import shop in Long Beach Ca. We got a build order for 4 Honda Civics, all built the same way. Clubs were a big thing in the area then so didn’t think...
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    Military and Military Families

    US Army 2001- 19D, 91B
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    67 Mass Shootings in the US...This Year..??

    Who gonna come take them. I can promise you the Military can’t and won’t do it. The “ support and defend the Constitution of the United States kinda says so.
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    67 Mass Shootings in the US...This Year..??

    I’m curious as to what an assault rifle is. Assault is an action. So please tell me. I’ve got a 15 Rd hand gun I can squeeze off dam near 100 rounds in a min. Does that now qualify.
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    AG T-Bol

    I’ve used Tbol many times over the years. To me it’s friggin awesome. Like someone else said stronger than Var, but not as strong as Dbol. I agree and disagree. I think it’s on par with dbol, but without the water retention. So there isn’t as much muscle volume. I use 50mg daily have gone up to...
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    BOGO IS ON!!!!!

    I jumped in on the last one several months ago and a promo or 2. I’ll check out the list. Thanks for the reply JJ.
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    BOGO IS ON!!!!!

    How long is this going for.
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    VS. Azteca labs Var and Tbol

    I have to agree with the TBol. It’s the only oral I’ve ever used. So I know how it affects me. I got some of Aztecs not to long ago. I dose it at 50mg split, but I add it to 200mg of Mast E and 250 Test E a wk ( TRT). Gains are slow and steady, but since adding the TBol, it’s definitely picked...
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    Falling apart at 44 years old

    We have lived a similar life style. I wrestled in HS as well as was a very active skater/ snowboarder. At 20 I joined the US Army and proceeded to get tab, badge or qualification I couklfd manage for the next 22 years. Now at 44 I’m broke as fuck. So I know how you feel. Trt was a life saver...
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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    I’m 44 now and have ran it quite a few times over the years on the trail. I have , however never ran it high maybe 200 wk and only Ace. I’ve always kept it low. Tren works great for me at a small dose. I expect the sides, but they have never been consists except the night sweats.
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    Simple BASIC bulk cycles (create your own here)

    I’ve never ran it before. What are the benefits of it.
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    Thoughts on Tren?

    So are you using a long ester test with the Tren Ace? Or Short like prop. I’ve been wondering if I can /should give that a go.
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    SB Labs September Special

    I think it was last year. SB carried a 50mg.
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    SB Labs September Special

    You guys plan on bringing back the 50mg Tbol? That’s my go to oral 50s always did well for me.