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    DNP experiences?

    Have you ever used it, seriously? A lot of what you're saying is VERY incorrect. Keto is fine, just up the vitamin C and other anti oxidants. Most don't even cap it at 100mg, and at that dose (if it's crystal) you won't get anything from it. 200-250mg should be a starating point with REAL...
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    Public service announcement

    You owe me. You stole my line......GICH.
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    Nobody even knows WTF you're talking about, that's a different thread. I knew you weren't bright but this is worse than I thought. SMH.
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    Jewprint buy one get one!

    I'm so proud of you Grasshopper, you have made me smile. GYCH.
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    The OfficerFarva is a Faggot Sticky

    10 pages of brutal mind ownage. Farva owns all of you, he is a God among boys.
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    The OfficerFarva is a Faggot Sticky

    ^LMFAO. Truth.
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    open relationships

    Cool story, I saw that episode on TV last night too. GYCH.
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    open relationships

    Fixed. GICH.
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    remember this when you post pics

    Azza will never die.
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    Working on tanning

    You would know. I'll be over later on.
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    The most underrated member on this forum. None of you deserve him. XOXO
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    Mrs. Robinson

    ^LMAO, Trying to get "laid" over the interwebs. Negged.
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    Terrible Customer Service part 2

    You're welcome. We can discuss your retirement planning at a later date. That advice isn't free...a rusty trombone will be the appropriate fee.
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    Terrible Customer Service part 2

    You a Jew?
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    Terrible Customer Service part 2

    DAMN BRO! I thought someone didn't recognize your shoes or something. What you're going on about is like what a 5 year old may get upset about. Drink more, complain less. GICH. XOXO
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    You know what I love?

    That didn't last long. My advice to you is start drinking heavier and up the dose. You can thank me later. Negging everyone will help too. Or you could just neg one person to death and see if they cry about it, LOL. GICH.
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    Bitch Fiance

    Give her a little A to M and all your problems will be solved. You can thank me later.
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    Members that go M.I.A.

    I know you've been lonely since I've been gone. GICH. - - - Updated - - - ^Fag.
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    Working on tanning

    ^Negged. Glad I Could Help. GICH.
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    How has REDDOG inspired you?

    What's the difference?