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    Boobies and Booties!! 2.0

    Love a little squish in my buns
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    Nick Diaz weed with a laser

    Hell yea it is. I took pride in my MacGyver skills.
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    I mean they are the true one arm push up after all.
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    To All That Know Me...

    Pulling for you Z.
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    Serious Injection Question

    Wait a second, when the fuck did they come out with bottles that multiply in the sun? Can someone please send me some of these?😵
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    Corned beef hash is a cheat code

    Scrapple or corned beef hash are that thing I look forward to the few times a year we hit a diner. It's gta have a good crust on it tho.
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    Porn GIF thread

    That looks backwards at first lol
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    What's your current cycle?

    Just cruising on trt right now but hopefully soon I will be trying some hex starting at 100mg week w/ 400 cyp / 50mg a day proviron. May do npp at 300mg instead of hex but need to see how the bottles look after reheating because 3 of 4 crashed and look like rock candy lol
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    Dihydroboldenone: The forgotten AAS

    Great info as always @01dragonslayer . This is definitely an appealing compound on paper. @zionoir626 recommended adding this into a cycle I was planning similar to @Ziath11 .
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    Good laugh on a Thursday.
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    Kingofdiet instagram bodybuilder

    Coolhand Luke at 50 eggs in an hour lol
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    Sick Of Eating!!! Please Help!!

    Sorry bud, I accidentally posted that under the wrong thread.
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    New Member

    Welcome my dude!
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    Sick Of Eating!!! Please Help!!

    100 eggs a day? Who's this guy think he is, Cool hand Luke.
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    Thought of the day!

    Live a life you'd be willing to live again. No idea who said it, saw it painted on a wall in stone harbor,nj
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    THE EQUALIZER 3 - Official Trailer 2023

    3? Wait a second, when did a 2nd one come out. I missed that.
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    I need some bro help! Your ganna like this one…

    Damn you @Jbswole40 you beat me to it. 😅
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    I need some bro help! Your ganna like this one…

    This is the way I'd go if it was me.
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    How do you like your steak cooked?

    Medium rare with a hard sear. Any thin game steaks cast iron pan hot and fast!
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    SB Labs Guess and Win Contest 🦍