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    Gear church ….outstanding

    im a lurker not a poster I will prob never hit 500.
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    New coin base verification

    same thing happened to me, used my phone for the verification and it never worked. ended up using my laptop and it went through right away.
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    GrAnabolic Post Count Thread

    who's watching peacemaker on hbo
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    Cardio...Who's Doing it Over 40..???

    cycling 2-3 times a week for a couple hours. stationary cardio I'm bored after 5 mins and stop.
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    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    Nope. I have a hip replacement and was warned against full depth squats and dislocation. That was enough for me.
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    Who here got their lady pregnant while on cycle/trt?

    3rd kid while on and was a girl
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    new guy saying hello

    just joined after lurking for a few weeks. finally mostly recovered after getting some fresh titanium hips and ready to get back into it.