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    Gear. 💪

    Good stuff right there
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    Has anyone used any of the primo brands DG offers? I have been thinking about running it for a while and was looking for some opinions. I know DG is legit but want to hear from somebody that has experience with his primo.
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    That steak looks good and the grill marks make it look perfect. Nice job
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    Monster Mash

    That sounds really good. I am getting in to stir fry myself. I started buying Perdue chicken cutlets...I think that is what they are. Really thin/flat pieces of chicken and I can cut it up in to strips and it cooks within minutes. Just looked at the package and they are called thin sliced...
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    Nice, good luck with your cycle.
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    Will you be using the aqua test as a pre-workout?
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    GC Sustanon feedback

    I like to keep my dosages low as well so it is nice to see you talk about it. I just seem to get better results on smaller amounts for some reason and I am getting older these days so I don't feel the need to have anything other than a muscular lean look.
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    Eifelfango Testosterone Enanthate

    DS,will it be back in stock at some point?
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    GC Sustanon feedback

    Cool, looking forward to the review.
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    GC Sustanon feedback

    Will do. I have run test and eq before so I know I will be good with the two. The var is a different story. Ldog, at what dosage do you run eq? I have never been above 600/wk, but I see some people go up to 800/wk or better.
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    GC Sustanon feedback

    Def looking to add eq in a few weeks @ 600/wk. Right now I am just rolling with 100mg cyp 2x/WK. I really really like susta because I don't get much bloat with it especially when I eat clean. So I would probably be doing 250 susta 2x/WK, 300 eq 2x/WK and var. Not sure on var dosage yet. Might...
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    Meal prep thread

    Looks really good, might have to try the mash'em up method. I have gotten in to the ground chicken and ground turkey these days. Really good stuff with some hot sauce, broc. Every other day I add rice, trying to avoid carbs somewhat. Vision, do you like tilapia? I eat a lot of fish and prepare...
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    GC Sustanon feedback

    How is the sustanon? I am interested and looking for some feedback from anyone that has used it. Also interested in the EQ. I am sure it's all good but I have never run ugl sustanon. Thanks!
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    Joint health supplements

    Thanks for the info. I will give it a shot and see how it goes. I know it will not be a miracle but anything that might help my knees is worth it.
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    Monster Mash

    I have been thinking about buying a pressure cooker. Any tips on a brand to buy that is decent?
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    What are you eating right now?

    Good lord that looks amazing. I just had some tilapia,shrimp,broc and 1/2 cup rice. Somehow it just did not not look as good as
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    Muscle Gelz

    I am curious if anyone has ever mixed a steroid powder in with these test boosters. Years ago when finaplix cartridges were easily purchased online a buddy and I ordered a spray on transdermal test booster. We added the ground up fina to the bottles. I think one fina kit made two bottles worth...
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    Joint health supplements

    Great info, I was unaware of the benefits of C so I will have to give it a try to see if it helps my knees out.
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    Fish Oil vs Krill Oil-Good Read

    I can say that it helps me with dry skin on my chin and also with my hands. Cold weather messes with them and krill oil makes the stiffness go away.
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    Best app for Dash ?

    Roid clear your inbox when you get a chance, I have a question for you.