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    PCT Advice

    Yes you're absolutely right. I've realized that the person who was guiding me had no idea what he was doing and I've been paying the price for that. I had blood work done right after my cycle and the blood work was not good news... enlarged heart, test levels off the charts and hemoglobin was...
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    PCT Advice

    Thanks for this. Looks on par with what I was told. Much appreciated!
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    PCT Advice

    Looking for some answers and reassurance... I was on a cycle of Testosterone E300 for 12 weeks which ended at the beginning of September. I must have been on too high of a dose (1mg every 4 days) because when I got tested my testosterone levels were off the charts (over 52 - that's all they...
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    HCG & Sterile Water vs Sodium Chloride

    Looking for some advice... I recently started my first cycle under a seasoned friend's supervision, of test e300 and am taking hcg throughout my cycle as well. Last night I attempted my first hcg injection but broke the vial of sodium chloride so I used a bottle of sterile water instead. I...