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    say goodbye to hunger, get shredded

    The stuff is awesome. I suggest running it until it no longer suppresses hunger. Then a few months off. Then either back on it or graduate to Tirzepatide. But I got shredded with zero effort on semaglutide.
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    4 months steroid use

    Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation
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    ⚡⚡⚡⚡Cardamax 24 hr SALE - Cardarine + Super Cardarine combo- lowest price ever.

    I’ve used cardarine alone. But not the newer version. Cardarine gave me significant extra wind and stamina. I could notice its effects most during cardio. And I think it worked instantly or within 2 days IIRC. Theres some uncertainty about the newer version regarding long term effects but...
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    JuiceDaddy Team

    I placed a little “feeler“ order with you guys last week and am waiting for it to arrive in the states. Ordering process was simple and selection is solid. Friendly and prompt service as well. I’m sure the quality is excellent so I should have a good update on it all soon. Thanks for the quick...
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    Ok to eat cold cuts everyday?

    I wish the OP was onto something with cold cuts being healthy lol. I absolutely love an oily sandwich with Italian meats and cheeses stacked up to the ceiling! That shit is delicious. Not the slightest bit healthy though haha
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    I think the can is the same size regardless of contents lol
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    In all seriousness, I used to be a boat operator/officer of the day at my units in the military when I was in my 20s. When new recruits would arrive to one of my duty stations on the gulf coast we would take them on an AOR (area of responsibility) run to show them the area via water. I would...
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    Ok to eat cold cuts everyday?

    Ty. I’m getting one!
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    Arnold's newest comment on steroids...

    Didn’t Arnie say for us to Fuck our freedoms not long ago? That plus his love of a gay steroid like primo was enough to turn me against him lol. He seemed pretty cool in his 20s and 30s though. But yeah, fame and fortune apparently ruined him like so many others. Something happens to people when...
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    What was your childhood dream job?

    NBA point guard until about age 15. Then a Navy Seal until I found out it was a lot of cold and wet work lol In hindsight, I should have pursued land acquisition and farming. If I could pick the time period too I would choose to be a world explorer prior to 1700. I can only imagine the...
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    Ok to eat cold cuts everyday?

    Do you have a metal meat slicer? Ive never seen one in a residential setting but by God, I’m considering one myself now.
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    Tuna can wiener, here. It’s common in my Mississippi delta Indian heritage. Short ass ding dongs as wide as a tuna can. Runs in the family.
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    Humanofort at GYMnTONIC Supplements

    I have done Emeric’s 10mg a day protocol for years on cruise. However, I have never actually done it with his recommended Humanofort. But I will be after this coming mini blast. And I will get it from you G&T. Nice addition.
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    I still call my friends and family nerds lol. They hate it. Whats up man? Hope you are doing well.
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    Fast X is fucking horrible

    My dad was a James Bond fan. I watched them a lot growing up and I’m 43. I can still sit down and watch old James Bond movies and I’m not normally a fan of watching the same movies over and over in general. Unless it’s Step Brothers or Dumb n Dumber lol
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    Reconstitute gear

    Yeah sounds like you had it really hot. I just microwave about a half inch of water in a bowl for about a minute and then stick my vented vial in the bowl. I haven’t had to do this for crashed gear in many years but some labs brew DHB that needs to be heated to avoid PIP in my experience.
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    Reconstitute gear

    Yes this. But make sure to stick a syringe needle in the stopper to allow it to vent
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    What’s your favorite oral steroid?

    Definitely Halo. Although I’m not a huge fan or orals in general. Now that I think about it, halo and var are the only orals I like anymore lol.
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    Is is all about the packaging?

    I wouldn’t worry at all about packaging for domestic. International is a different story but you are being way overly cautious for domestic.
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    Fast X is fucking horrible

    I still haven’t seen the first one. I’m not into watching people race vehicles. So a movie about people racing people just never appealed to me. But obviously I’m in the minority because enough people must be watching them for 9 of them to be made.