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  1. Clockwerk

    Cheat meals?

    I do 1-2 cheat meals a week. Typically, I like to have those cheat meals on leg day. I don't do fast food but my wife will make something for the fam and I'll dig in. Just because it's a cheat meal doesn't mean it has to be hot garbage.
  2. Clockwerk

    You have 8 years to enjoy meat, then it's over.

    Got my tinfoil hat. Let the stories run wild!
  3. Clockwerk


    The sad part is his message isn't wrong. But now, it's going to be overshadowed by his lies.
  4. Clockwerk

    Liver King apology

    Guys...I too have a confession....I've been natty this whole time. I just wanted to fit in with the forums bros. I've maintained my diet and two a day work outs to maintain my muscle. The fact that I inject test in my ass has nothing to do with it. The real secret to my success....yogurt...
  5. Clockwerk


    Weird, I order from Amazon as well with no issues.
  6. Clockwerk

    What's your favorite machine in the gym?

    That makes sense. Absolutely loved it. I'd buy one today if I could get my hands on one. At least now I have a direction to start looking. Thank you!
  7. Clockwerk

    Hamstrings & back pain

    If you have anterior pelvic tilt then strengthening your hamstrings can help counteract the pelvic position. I have a specific list somewhere for exercises to do to help.
  8. Clockwerk

    What's your favorite machine in the gym?

    Back before I had a home gym I use to go to this whole in the wall run down gym on the bad side of town. They had this ancient pull over machine that I would use every back day. I'm not sure what exactly set this pull over machine from the others but the isolation I could get in my lats was...
  9. Clockwerk

    What VPN does everyone use?

    ExpressVPN I've never had any issues with it. Not saying its any better than Nord though.
  10. Clockwerk


    Just curious but have you ran tren before? Not trying to discourage you or anyone else for dosing the compound. I know that me personally the side effects were beyond desirable.
  11. Clockwerk

    What splits do y’all run?

    That's the best part, I don't have the time. Time is something we all struggle with. There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't wish I had more time to do more. Between running a business, being a family man, furthering education for personal growth and economic gain, and of course...
  12. Clockwerk

    HGH Not Dissolving

    Odd that I've never seen/heard of this happening and then out of the blue you're like the 4th person to have this issue. Conspiracy theories go!!!!
  13. Clockwerk

    Your Biggest Fat Loss

    I got extremely busy growing a business and got lazy with my nutrition. Got real comfortable eating burgers and fries way more than I should. I hit 280 and hated myself for it. Got my shit together and got back down to 235 which is where I'm happiest at. Took me about 6 months to drop that...
  14. Clockwerk


    @01dragonslayer posted this a bit ago. I think its a solid read for you.
  15. Clockwerk

    What you eating tonight?

    Eggs and some spinach...may sniff a cookie afterwards.
  16. Clockwerk

    What splits do y’all run?

    Current routine. 30 min of fasted cardio every morning. 30 min of steady state cardio every evening. Sunday - Chest/Tri Monday - Back/Bi Tuesday - Legs Wednesday - Core/Cardio Thursday - Shoulders/Chest Friday - Arms Saturday - Core/Cardio
  17. Clockwerk

    First order placed today

    I'm very happy with the product. Very solid stuff. This is my new go to shop.
  18. Clockwerk

    First order placed today

    My order has arrived...I can't even grasp how fast that was. Will post a pic when I get home. So far their process is top notch. Can't wait to try the product.
  19. Clockwerk

    How many cycles did it take?

    I would say my first cycle was by far the biggest improvement towards my goals. Not only did I take huge steps in size I also took a huge step in confidence.