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    BY Cologne review

    All of my cologne knowledge comes from EJD and Wes. These guys know their scents. If anyone wants a good breakdown of any and all scents, search thread “Scent of the Day” by EJD. That thread has helped me with all my latest purchases :twothumbs:
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    PLabs review

    I’ve had several successful orders and great results with PLabs. Currently running their Primo200 and loving it.
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    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    Yeah, my girl made me watch it with her. It actually turned out to be good. The lead chick “ Ally Wong” does stand up and my girl got tickets to her show next month.
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    Peptide sciences legit?

    They have a lot of cool stuff. I personally haven’t tried anything from them but am interested if others have. Subbed for more info
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    E.J.D's 75 Hard log

    I hear Ed Norton’s voice from fight club when reading threw this log
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    Testing, testing, TESOS. Is this thing on?

    How’s the tesos treating you?
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    E.J.D's 75 Hard log

    This is the type of people I like to be around! Im gonna make my girl read this log.
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    Philly-KC...Who wins?

    KC is legit but I think it’s Philly's year.
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    Church has come through huge for me in the past also. I’m a lifer
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    Anyone else like Alter Bridge??

    Christian metal to the core.. Rifs are good, can’t get with the vocals man Love the lyrics though
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    AG Proviron

    25 mg split morning/night, Works wonders for mental clarity. 50-100 equals a greasy horn ball. Either way you can’t go wrong
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    NFL Playoffs

    Big Lions fan here. Need the rams to pull an upset over the Seahawks. If that happens then tonight’s game vs the packers means winner makes the playoffs. It’s been along time since “Lions” and “playoff” Have been been a thing.
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    Lab Testing

    :clapping: Well done. Thank you for dong this
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    WIN FREE COLOGNE SET ** New RETRO 1990's Pheromone Cologne Set **

    Awesome! Now that’s how I like to start the new year off! Thanks Wes