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    Semaglutide Unconstituted Storage

    Similar to the other thread on peptides but I don't want to hijack that conversation. Will semaglutide unconstituted stored frozen damage it? Obviously let thaw for 24 hours and then reconstitute and store in fridge when using. I've done this with HGH and seemed to have no problem. Considering...
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    Injectable and Raw Sale

    Good deals here! I'll be getting in on one soon but jump on it if you can!
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    Iron Lion HCG review

    Spot on here. That's all you gotta do. Steady dose works great.
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    Iron Lion HCG review

    Heck yah, I saw that and it was gone fast. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for that!! Thanks. And Yah I'm liking my IL products
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    Iron Lion HCG review

    Waking an older thread here. But I wanted to add that IL's HCG is G2G! I have been using since my TRT provider stopped selling HCG because of supply chain issues. The price is awesome. IL communication is awesome. Touchdowns are worth the wait but on point! I've also used their Gray top HGH...
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    Cpap was life saver here. Strength gains went way up. Yeah the mask isn't great but there are different kinds and just had to force myself to get used to it. Glad I did because I feel Hella better.
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    Off to jail I go, Again

    Yikes. You're right about how sad it is that that kind of stuff comes back. Hopefully you're good. But if it does come back find a good lawyer sure sounds like self defense to me.
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    Thanks AR-15. We know you wouldn't do that and we think you approached it very well all considering. Wes was awesome to chip in and help with any of his input. Glad you raised it and glad it came to good conclusion. If it was a problem it's good to know community would hold to account.
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    Is it normal to feel like that just after injecting very first time?

    Middle of the shoulder. Outside side of thighs. Ventreal glute. Split the glute into 4s and pin the top outside quarter. use 25 gauge to draw and 31 gauge to pin, 1 inch is good but adjust if you are thicker or thinner. Of course this handles moderate amounts. Pushing with a 1 ml this works...
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    Did you guys see this?

    Did he though? lol. A fetus isn’t a kid, and he’s still hasn’t returned with the correct answer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk d he though? lol. A fetus isn’t a kid, and he’s still hasn’t returned with the correct answer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk OK wise guy. So what is...
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    Did you guys see this?

    Right on. About fucking time. Hope most of America follows suit. About time we stop tainting kids minds with perversion and the untruth.
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    I really doubt it, but who knows! It would really suck if AAS raws were being cut with fentanyl. Hear on the crappy mainstream media all the time about other meds from China being cut with fent and people accidentally OD'ing. dont know even if they just use same tables and they arent...
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    Is it normal to feel like that just after injecting very first time?

    In a previous post I think OP mentioned he was 337. Mine was like 330 when I started at 44 or 45 years old. And the last few years before that were major sucking ass. But things immediately got better. Not 200 or lower but damn 300 is sucks
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    Very likely not related unless you are doing heavy orals?
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    Sex/BDSM etc

    My friend attaches his girl to his climbing harness and then to his setup with rings. I have yet to try it but he says the leverage he gets from it is pretty good.
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    Melanotan 2

    Lol I was looking at pics of myself last summer and thinking whoa, maybe I should cut back on the MT2 a little less dosage this summer. HAHA
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    When to take AI?

    I take AI and a very small dose when I notice I'm emotional, like get welled up tears at the stupidest movie, or sensitive nips. I reevaluate again next week. For me, usually resolved after a couple to few weeks. Then I stop.
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    Is it normal to feel like that just after injecting very first time?

    It's real, IMO. My test was low for years and it was the most awful thing I've ever experienced. The second I took my first test shot I felt like I noticed it almost immediately. It's weird but I felt like I was on a high the rest of the day and for a couple days at least. You do get used to...
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    Melanotan 2

    Everyone's different. Last summer I got really dark on just a 50 mcg dose 5 days a week for 2 weeks then 100-150 mcg dose once a week for maintenance. My Mexican friends said I looked more Mexican than them. Seemed like I got new moles but they all diminished when I cycles off when summer ended...
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    A retarded noob needs help with TRT and steroids

    Also keep in mind this is a big decision. Once you go on TRT it's pretty much for life because if you go off, your test levels will tank. Some people say you can PCT and recover but the older you are the harder this is and you would probably only want to do under doctor supervision. Once you...