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    14 week Show prep log using Muscleshop gear

    Congratulations. Well deserved.
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    SB Labs Guess and Win Contest 🦍

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    How to take multiple oils

    You could: up the test a little add Masteron or Primo add an oral like Anavar Take it slow. Only add 1 compound at a time.
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    Pinning quads

    It’s my favorite injection site.
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    Debating on new sources!

    I don’t have experience with either of those labs, but there are several great sponsors here. I encourage you to use the search function. BTW I’ve never read anything negative about PLabs.
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    Also, don't be the guy who grabs a pair of dumbbells and does his set three inches in front of the rack. There's a two-foot-no-man's-land in front of the mirror. Only cross that path to grab or put away your dumbbells and get out. It drives me nuts to see guys standing in front of the dumbbell...
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    Acne while taking test

    @Vision made a comprehensive guide to manage acne. Here
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    What’s your EDC?

    Great advice guys. Thank you! I have been trying to absorb info like a sponge.
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    What’s your EDC?

    I purchased my first handgun Saturday. It’s a Glock 43x. I’m going to the range tomorrow!
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    Took kids to movie, great time, check it out

    Today I took the kids to watch Mario Bros. I definitely recommend it. It has been several years since I went to the movies. I’m glad we went.
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    Arkansas Game and Fish

    That’s a pretty sweet clock radio. I had one of those in the early 90’s. I can see why the neighbor went back for it.
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    Clueless Physicians-TRT

    That would be funny. I can’t get my dad to try it.
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    Clueless Physicians-TRT

    A guy at my gym(mid 50’s) went to the urologist because he was experiencing low T symptoms. The nurse called him back to let him know his testosterone was low. Guess what they prescribed him? Testosterone? Nope! He got a script for Clomid. He said their reason for not prescribing test was...
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    Creatine use

    As @rdm said, once your body becomes saturated with creatine it really makes no difference when you take. Just remember to take it daily. Don’t be fooled by all of the fancy versions out there. Regular creatine monohydrate has a 95+ percent absorption rate.
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    Wife - Var Cycle

    My wife has taken Anavar a few times. She’s tried 10mg for about 2-3 weeks, 5mg for about 4 weeks, and 2.5mg for 6 weeks. She liked the lower dose for a longer period the best. Start low and take it slow.
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    Trt or hrt for women ??

    My wife had low testosterone and low progesterone. It was a drain on our relationship in several ways. Since she started HRT I can hardly keep up with her libido. It was like a switch was flipped. Hopefully you can find a provider that knows what they’re doing. Oftentimes that means paying out...
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    Is "locking in" gains after a bulk really necessary?

    I had a great response from @BodybuilderZepp.
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    Is "locking in" gains after a bulk really necessary?

    I asked this same question a while back. I’ve heard the same thing about “cementing the gains!”
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    Increased appetite from Anavar

    Are you really only taking 100 mg/wk of test C? Is that your replacement dose? I’m just curious.