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    test-e, tren-a and dbol questions

    You could be blessed genetically. For me it takes >1000mg for tren sides to get to point that it is effort to manage... Anything less and I never notice it .
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    Biggest mistakes you've made in the AAS game.

    Being ye ole proverbial guinea pig... My 1st cycle ever was home brew tren I made and dosed it at like 900 weekly LOL. Almost lost my mind. I was "that guy" No test or prolactin control. Thank god I'm not a side effect sufferer. But to this day if someone finds new shit from a new place but...
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    whats your favorite pre work out?

    Pcp & tren base...
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    Female clen/t3 cycle help plz

    Where you get ketotifen?
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    Female clen/t3 cycle help plz

    How long on vs off for the t3?
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    Female clen/t3 cycle help plz

    Ok so my girl has done var and dnp before. I understand all that as I've also used. I think I understand the clen dosing as I have also run clen before, but never have I used t3 and she wants to add it in with her clen. So here was the plan: 7 days dnp @ 250 7days dnp @ 500 clen on a 5wk on 3wk...
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    Got screwed by Levram...need new...where to go?

    ^^^ exactly. I guarantee mansir would fix it if he had been contacted. You don't email. PM the man/men who run shit.
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    Any of you guys use Egg White International

    Def the way to go. Much better for a leaner option to your eggs. I eat 3 whole eggs and 6 whites worth of the stuff every morning. I buy them in bulk at SAMs.
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    Can't gain... Help

    I had similar problems as a hard gainer doing recomps and lean gains. I had to get over it and just eat to put the weight on that I could convert to muscle. I'm not cut year round but gaining much faster.... Also it is easy to shred 10lbs of fat off but really hard to gain muscle without the...
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    Fucking elbows killing me.

    Bro hang up the ego and lighten the weight up. I had it bad in both arms but kept lifting heavy and bitching the whole way. If you don't want to lose your strength try doing one heavy set to keep the nervous system in tune with lifting heavy, but after that lighten up, slow it up, and focus on...
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    no sides from tren

    Yea ride it out bro. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones that the only side effects are gains and definition. I personally don't get sides, or if I do I tolerate them well. I get aggressive right when I start my cycle but when I level off at 650ish all I get is vividly strange dreams...
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    Time to list your top 5 favorite steroids

    Revising previous answer... Tren ace, tren e, tren base, test c, adrol honorable mention and necessary: Provi, dbol, var
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    Finaplix.. Can converting yield quality tren?

    Yes converting revalor-200 is a retardedly tedious process and not worth it IMO. Either find a good raw source or UGL
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    Finaplix.. Can converting yield quality tren?

    Very expensive. What used to cost 40$ is like 200$+ now, but the juice you get slaughters any you'll find on the market. I used to be a giant before I went to prison all thanks to fina.... My diet and training sucked as well as being and alcoholic and opiate addict, but I still saw outrageous...
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    Finaplix.. Can converting yield quality tren?

    Yes finaplix is the fire, but it like a unicorn at this point since being discontinued. There is a process to get the estradiol out of synovex as well as revalor-200 (I think it's called.... Tren with estradiol). They started making estradiol in pellets when they discontinued the finaplix. I...
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    Tren hex? Why so amazing?

    So I'm a trenaholic and I fucking love the cut and bulk effect on acetate. I don't really like tren e bc Even at a gram a week I didn't feel like it worked the wonders that say 6-700 of ace did. I hear that hex is better for bulking as ace is a better cutter... How can this be? It's just a...
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    Tren A or Tren E? And why?

    You might. In my experience ace is just more potent. I gotta run more e to get same results. I feel though that sides are worse on ace. I don't get sides on say 1g enan weekly, but with ace 1) I can't run 1g without killing someone 2) get really quickly angered 3) stay horny like all fucking...
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    Time to list your top 5 favorite steroids

    From what I know, proviron is like oral masteron, although masteron I believe will give some slight gains and harden you up a bit more than the Provi. I've been told I'm wasting one of them if I took together. Also mast isn't as good at freeing up receptors etc... But I have seen it done.
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    Time to list your top 5 favorite steroids

    Me too bro. I'll penetrate any warm hole the misses doesn't lock away. Gave her a sinus infection last week. Busted an eardrum. . . Lol