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  1. Tren_Setter253

    Biden eats shit on stage, riddle me this?

    That’s my president!
  2. Tren_Setter253

    New to injections

    Don’t listen to these pussies, Tren ace 500mg/wk make some gainz….. I’m messing with you, if you’re new to gear definitely don’t start with tren. Up your test and if you want another beginner type compound throw in some anavar.
  3. Tren_Setter253

    Just realized I dress at gym like 42 year old I am

    “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”- Dion Sanders
  4. Tren_Setter253

    Can Tren make you gay?

    Only if a closet gay gets caught being gay and they just so happen to be on tren. It’s the trens fault…
  5. Tren_Setter253

    Am I going too deep??

    one of those derma roller things would be in the muscle for me 😂
  6. Tren_Setter253

    Am I going too deep??

    Thanks for the response, I think I’ll switch to 1/2 for delts good call. I’m lean enough for that to be plenty.
  7. Tren_Setter253

    Am I going too deep??

    Question on shoulder injections. I’ve had a few bad shots on shoulders, none to the point where it’s so fucked up I can’t lift my arm or it’s swollen but I’ll get the needle halfway buried and my delt will start twitching uncontrollably. Had a shot where blood shot out about 4 feet in...
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    Bodybuilding Gays and (y)our experience

    @Seattlesbest found your thread
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    Crazy how Jeremy Buendia lost his hair on this Olympia prep

    I find this interesting. Same exact thing happens to me, visibly my hair gets thinner when I blast but as soon as I go back on trt it’s like it all comes back like I can barely run my hand through my hair it’s so thick. Some guys shed and it’s gone while others can have a man bun on 5 dht compounds.
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    Looking for quality but budget protein powder

    I use good old gold standard whey, like 30 bucks for a bag at target.
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    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    I run a Geissele super duty 11.5 kitted with a eotech holographic, Surefire Rc2 suppressor, mag pul vertical foregrip, mag pul front and rear iron sights, single point sling and a surefire m600 flashlight. I have other play around guns but a Geissele super duty is the best made AR on the...
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    SB Labs Primo 200mg

    Any update?? 😁
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    I don’t think this guy is natty…. Looking great brotha!
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    First PCT

    Gymntonics post is great advice. My biggest piece of advice is to be all in. When you bottom out, life sucks. You’re tired, your recovery is shit, pumps are non existent, motivation isn’t going to be there etc etc… Even though it’s going to be shitty just remember it’s for a good cause and...
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    First PCT

    Pct fucking sucks bro…hope yours goes smooth. 👍🏻
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    Cute and cuddly

    2 Handfuls of DAT AZZ
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    Russia is annihilating Ukraine 4 hour life expectancy in Bakhmut. Neither side is going to release the real data on body counts until the conflict is settled. It wouldn’t surprise me if a couple million people die in the duration...
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    best trans girls

    I can’t tell if this is satire 😂😂
  19. Tren_Setter253

    best trans girls

    See this shit right here is why I don’t run tren….
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    Putins speech

    Possibly, I’m not human headshot expert haha. I will say there is a shit ton of combat footage on Reddit pages showing this type of brutality. I believe the death count is way higher than it’s being reported.