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  1. Gunterodihm

    Primo experiment ( the verdict is in )

    Beast, nice pics!
  2. Gunterodihm

    Im back

    welcome back!
  3. Gunterodihm

    New Guy

    Hi bro, welcome!
  4. Gunterodihm

    I have the biggest dick here

  5. Gunterodihm

    Supertest 450

    HAHA, nice note! Fully agreed!
  6. Gunterodihm

    Supertest 450

    Yea, I saw it too.... fucking assholes write it on their sites, don't trust them dude, better choose one source from ASF, they are trusted and time-checked.
  7. Gunterodihm

    Gymprincess is back AGAINZ!!!!! PSL Sponsored log.

    Awesome log, awesome job, great progress... You are definitely an brilliant....keep killin it girl!
  8. Gunterodihm

    New to the Forum

    Welcome brother!
  9. Gunterodihm


    Mixed, sun/rainy....cold as fuck
  10. Gunterodihm

    Wanna share a story.

    Laughed to tears :roflmao:
  11. Gunterodihm

    Denver Colorado

    Fight! :D
  12. Gunterodihm

    The one log you'll want to follow - Deca Only

    Impressive log!
  13. Gunterodihm

    Another one shooting USA

    Walmart shooting: three dead after attack in Colorado store Attack on two men and a woman appears to be random with no signs it was an act of terrorism, say police Authorities in Colorado are searching for a man who walked into a Walmart and opened fire with a handgun, killing two...
  14. Gunterodihm

    Best clen for females?

    IMO diet is best :)
  15. Gunterodihm

    Dad loses Court Battle over 15 year old daughter Gender Switch via Testosterone

    Just interesting, what have did that Italians to deserve lynching? They was mafia. OK... but this is another story.
  16. Gunterodihm

    wtf !

    He's unique, first pregnant fag... LMFAO
  17. Gunterodihm

    wtf !

    Damn, what's the circus......SMH
  18. Gunterodihm

    8 dead after truck plows into people in NYC in 'cowardly act of terror':

    Between Hitler and ISIS are an abyss. Why Muslim peoples not doing the revolution against them? How much Muslim countries in the world? 10? 20? No one do not makes something against their brothers, why? How was Hitlers strategy? He "Occupied" governing body, next he gathered around himself...
  19. Gunterodihm

    Dad loses Court Battle over 15 year old daughter Gender Switch via Testosterone

    Looks like a database, chances written using program code, like in RPG. Maybe we all live in Matrix?