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    No delivery, no response

    Lmao it's probably sitting on one of the ships sitting out in the middle of the ocean waiting.
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    How much did you weigh when you first started?

    Lmfao bro I was just thinking the same. They just made the "cell phone"..Used to be built into the car..No texting or pictures just straight calling. Could you imgaine the youth today? I mean shit I'd even complain if I have to call someone.
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    Murder & Tren

    Bro I stop scrolling when I hit her each time I see his post sigh
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    So years ago I read about it being introduced into TRT because it supposedly created more ejaculate but also raising (slightly) test. I started taking a I think 20mg dose added to my test/deca cycle and only thing I really noticed was an increased breakout. Maybe there has been more science...
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    What’s up with the “crunch”

    I'm guilty of re-using once but after seeing this picture no more damn.
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    New to the board

    Just be careful. The housing market is wild just like the auto market especially a beach house. It's a sellers market for sure...
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    I remember the first time that happened. My body ached, I was freezing and had a fever. Next day poof gone..At least it wasn't a shot of Tren that makes your lungs feel like you got shot.
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    New to the board

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Lol since people are asking....Wait for a dip, which will happen today, it's already happening and look into NVDA. It's expensive per share but growth is solid and they introduce new hardware the first or second week of next month. I am NOT giving you...
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    What’s up with the “crunch”

    That's sometimes true but normally the scare tissue for me at least is alittle tougher to pin through. Not a big deal just gotta rotate a bit more. Not sure about a crunchy feeling though. You arent reusing the pin are you?
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    New to the board

    Thank you for having me sir..Dude the back...Awesome job
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    New to the board

    Thank you!! - - - Updated - - - Thank you!! (from my basement)
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    New to the board

    It is....It actually has matured me to be patient because if you aren't you are gonna lose your ass. And thank you!!
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    New to the board

    Hey guy's just became a member looking for the same interests. I'm new to the forum but not to the life. Very looking forward to finding more information as I'm almost 40 now. Thanks for having me here..