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  1. Bernew

    Post Cycle Therapy

    I plan use this post cycle course: what do you think ?
  2. Bernew

    What are you currently running ?

    Now i using this: enandrol-250-mg strombafort-10mg AFter that i plan to use post cycle therapy:
  3. Bernew

    Post Cycle Therapy

    PCT is very important, it's your health, don't neglect I use clomid and HGH for pct: BP Clomed - balkanPharma
  4. Bernew

    First Cycle Test E 300mg/week after Anavar/Clen only for 4 weeks

    I think you need to wait. I use this course: I plan to wait for the tests
  5. Bernew

    Injectable winny

    I don't have any problem with this stuff: DG Winstrol Inj - Balkan Pharmaceuticals Online Store
  6. Bernew


    Hello, everybody! I think this one help with aromatisation: BP Tamoximed 20 - balkanPharma