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  1. Big Ronnie

    Can you get a girl pregnant while on a cycle? Truth or Myth

    Only if you have a BBC. Truth though is that you can get her pregnant .
  2. Big Ronnie

    !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!

  3. Big Ronnie

    Look Busy

    I grab all the feminine looking asses!
  4. Big Ronnie

    Yah another superdrol question

    IM injections are absorbed faster.. Also don't forget your liver support with SD. It is very rough on the liver.
  5. Big Ronnie

    Another successful Monster order

    Nice. What did get? Where is the porn?
  6. Big Ronnie

    New Member

    Welcome to the board Matty. Tell us a little about yourself. Are you in High School, military, law enforcement or government? How long have you been training? Height, weight, body mass index?
  7. Big Ronnie


    You watching porn while doing cardio. You don't want to get your heart rate too high.
  8. Big Ronnie

    Look Busy

    I am watching!!!
  9. Big Ronnie

    Are we all suicidal ?

    It is what it is!
  10. Big Ronnie

    She Said Yes!!!!!

    She's the same red-headed Russian that I've been dating for 9 months. Yes she does get a regular pounding....
  11. Big Ronnie

    She Said Yes!!!!!

    Technically she said, "Da". We are still working on the date, but I will keep you updated....
  12. Big Ronnie

    Mod's here who arent active members

    Which is it? Jail or a ghetto shorting? Enquiring minds want to know....
  13. Big Ronnie

    Do we need to use one and half inch needles for test prop shot in the Gluts?

    1" is fine unless you have loads of fat hiding the muscle.
  14. Big Ronnie

    PSL thoughts

    Officer Dave how about an introduction in the new members section first and foremost? Thanks
  15. Big Ronnie

    Scammer Insurance

    This ^^^
  16. Big Ronnie

    different cycle for me

    For the last 10 weeks add 600-700 mg/week Masteron and you will will have an amazing cycle. Enjoy the Tbol!
  17. Big Ronnie

    Carb cycling and anger

    My entrepreneurial skills are inferior to his....
  18. Big Ronnie

    For those of you who like fish.

    My girl always gets me Salmon, Black Cod, Arctic Char, Flounder and venison. She has connections.
  19. Big Ronnie

    Length of time.

    The duration of your workout and how many body parts depends on your goals, diet, metabolism, age, genetics, etc. If you exceed 1 hour at a time, your cortisol levels will rise and slow your gains. To really grow, work a body part, eat, nap, and then work another body part. Find what works...