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  1. BlizzardMan8890

    So I just got busted...

    Fuck it. I look openly and proudly brother
  2. BlizzardMan8890

    Gyno??? Bitch tits???

    Damn and i thought i had bitch tits. Lmao
  3. BlizzardMan8890

    Tren Insomnia

    Xanax is the way to go. 0.5 mg does the trick for me
  4. BlizzardMan8890


    yeah thats what ive been seeing. Not sure if i want to play with my money like that
  5. BlizzardMan8890


    I appreciate your honesty brother. Not a lot of honest guys out there any more
  6. BlizzardMan8890

    Hammer Anabolics

    People dont want to put in the work and research thats needed to live this lifestyle. Its ridicules
  7. BlizzardMan8890

    cruising on Geneza Test Cyp

    What is your cruising dosage?
  8. BlizzardMan8890


    Ive heard its pretty good gear snd i have ppl that are wanting geneza only so trying to find it. So Naps is gtg?
  9. BlizzardMan8890


    AY was triple the price though if i remember right
  10. BlizzardMan8890


    Does any of the sources on here sell geneza gear? I cant find any anywhere so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. BlizzardMan8890

    Black star republic

    Alright i appreciate it guys. Going to have to place an order tomorrow i guess
  12. BlizzardMan8890

    Black star republic

    Is Black Star Republic gtg? Anyone have blood work?
  13. BlizzardMan8890

    legit or not

    SF has really good gear. The valk tren and test are beast
  14. BlizzardMan8890

    Anyone heard of this source?

    Stay far far away from that source my friend
  15. BlizzardMan8890

    GR Anabolic. Praetorian pharm

    Also androgen labs. Anyone use either of these? Results?
  16. BlizzardMan8890

    Prayers needed!

    Thats got to be hard you brother. I have a 2 year and i know it would kill me to something like this happen to her. Hang in there brother and we will keep sending up thoughts and prayers
  17. BlizzardMan8890

    Prayers needed!

    Damn sorry to hear this brother. Im alittle late but will still be sending up a prayer for you and your family.
  18. BlizzardMan8890

    ANYONE who used/uses IMR Chems

    Im running 25mg ed of exemstane and 25mg prami from IM. Shit works bro
  19. BlizzardMan8890

    Under 25? Read, Post and Come Here for Advice (Under Construction)

    my bad i should have said drop everything but the sust and arimdex. Keep that to keep estrogen levels in check. I normally dont use HCG during cycle myself but i have a few times just to try it and see what i like better. If i do use hcg during cycle i ran 1000iu a week. 500iu on monday and...
  20. BlizzardMan8890

    Under 25? Read, Post and Come Here for Advice (Under Construction)

    Hcg during cycle is to keep your balls from shutting down. It tells them to keep making test even though they dont need to and it makes your PCT easier and faster. Drop everything but the sust. Run sust only at 500 mg a week split in 2 pins. I pin monday and thursdays. All the other stuff you...