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  1. kilsong

    Arizona AUDIT **Official Thread**

    Hairy chest huh? You'll be a favorite member here in no time!
  2. kilsong

    Race-Baiting Media

    Black guy here...double whammy too! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 I was in Miami a few weeks ago. Zero issues with being black OR gay during my visit. The NAACP has done done it's share of good for blacks in America, but I think they're over overstepping here.
  3. kilsong

    Arizona AUDIT **Official Thread**

    Oh stop it already... It's over babe. Move on.
  4. kilsong

    Obama is behind it all...

    I think most religions are.
  5. kilsong

    New Lawnmower

    See.. This is why I live in the desert. What the FUCK is that thing???? That looks to have been the price of a Corolla. I have a weed whacker in the garage I coulda lent u. Might need that green stringy thing.. But it's probably less than like 20 bux at Lowes.
  6. kilsong

    Durham Report

    Not saying there's someplace 'better'.. But what's the criteria for a 'good' source board?
  7. kilsong

    Durham Report

    .. Well.. What's ur definition of "successful"? I'm on all of em of ya know.
  8. kilsong

    Durham Report

    Now hang on... Nobody loves This shithole ASF more than me, but that's a fucken stretch.
  9. kilsong

    Elon looking more like G.Pappy Soros every year...

    Okay... That's kinda interesting.. Admin lives less than 10 miles from me. Convince him to take his fucken panties off and man the fuck up and meet me at a Starbucks. I'm a black gay guy with an Asian boyfriend.
  10. kilsong

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    Wow... This thread is still a thing???? Come on... Stop it now. Screw u guys.. I'm going to the Corona Virus thread...
  11. kilsong

    Elon looking more like G.Pappy Soros every year...

    TLDNR. (mostly cuz u called me a nigger the other day.. so I really just don't wanna read it.) Have a good day!
  12. kilsong

    Durham Report

    Agreed. Oddly before I checked this thread I basically said the exact same thing on this thread 5 min ago: Post in thread 'Elon looking more like G.Pappy Soros every year...' Elon looking more like G.Pappy Soros every year... Wes.. Nobody here hates you. I sure don't. Even with that bitch move...
  13. kilsong

    Elon looking more like G.Pappy Soros every year...

    The millions of American people that voted for Biden... ALL of them are stupid?? Everybody... every last one? You're smarter than ALL of them? Every day you call people stupid and/or dumb. Just because somebody votes differently than you doesn't make them dumb. Really makes you look more...
  14. kilsong

    Hate to say I told ya so

    Okay fuck fuck... I'll bight. But FIRST, enlighten us on what you've been wrong about. Go on superman.. Go on.
  15. kilsong

    Durham Report

    How is that NOT the pot calling the kettle black?
  16. kilsong


    Discreet my ass.
  17. kilsong

    Miller Light = Bud Light part 2

    I stopped reading right there. A precursor to a post tells u alot.
  18. kilsong

    Durham Report

    What did the Duhram Report actually accomplish?
  19. kilsong

    Durham Report

    I hope all of you are just as upset about this egregious waste of your tax dollars as I am when I consider the NEXT biggest waste of money: The Muller Report.