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  1. Durro

    Juice Daddy 50% off Sale

    Pump 💪 Hey ASF family did you guys miss this?
  2. Durro

    Touchdown #2

    I’m using 10mg of the Vidalista pre workout and getting gnarly pumps 💪
  3. Durro

    JuiceDaddy Team

    Thx bro don’t hesitate to contact one of us reps we will guide you home.
  4. Durro

    JuiceDaddy Team

    No problem bro thank you for letting us know to update the link 👍
  5. Durro

    JuiceDaddy Team

    Everyone you can click on the reps banners at the bottom of posts we make it will take you to the new website they are updated. I’ll see if I can get the original post updated with the new website thx.
  6. Durro

    Touchdown super fast as always!!

    Thx for the beautiful pic bro and that dose is what I use also, enjoy 💪
  7. Durro

    First Time!

    Thx for the post great products bro!
  8. Durro

    I met a customer, want everyone to help me judge

    Tell him you will wait for his order when he makes the decision on what he wants to order. Then when you receive the order give him payment instructions and wait for the payment to go through then after receiving your payment then you send him his order. Always get the payment (money) first...
  9. Durro

    What happened to Monstro?

    Last he was at the FIBO expo. Check out his IG marcoluis_monstro
  10. Durro

    The New Guy

    Welcome 💪
  11. Durro

    Meanwhile in SD

  12. Durro

    Meanwhile in SD

    That happened happened in Switzerland and it’s happening everywhere. Where I’m at people out of state and out of the country are buying up the land. Even buildings and apartment complexes. Farmers are having trouble here to and water rights are also an issue. Very very sad I grew up in a small...
  13. Durro

    📣 Introducing ASF35 for 🎉

    Hell yeah time to stock up on some Test it’s a must, (you gotta have a good stash Test you guys know this) or your favorite compounds or cut cycles or bulk cycles my friend.
  14. Durro

    Decided you guys

    Thx brother same with the product lines we offer well known in the uk.
  15. Durro

    New Guy

    Welcome to ASF 👊
  16. Durro

    New Enough

    Welcome to ASF 💪 If you’re doing a bulk ditch the Tren and add In DBol or Anadrol for the first five weeks.
  17. Durro


    Welcome to ASF 👊
  18. Durro

    📣 Introducing ASF35 for 🎉

    Hurry and get on this guys.
  19. Durro

    New Member

    Welcome to ASF 👊
  20. Durro

    My go to.

    We appreciate the feedback brother thank you. And an old school saying “up the dose”