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    ....and there's the end of that.

    I did not in any way want to seem callous in my response to your situation . It is very difficult . I just don't like this thing of women trying to change their men . I can see her problem with the legality issue . Yes getting on HRT could be a first step .
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    ....and there's the end of that.

    Up front I know I am one of the most lucky guys in the world . I pretty much do what I want and there is no changing me . Now don't get the wrong idea , I would die for my woman , she is the crown of my life . But shall we say I am one of a most independent mind and there is no changing me . I...
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    Dragon Pharma

    As I have said quite a few times I used DP from EK a lot say 4 -5 yrs ago . I did not get bloods . BW will only give you a rough estimate for test not for any of the other compounds . The other drugs ie : Npp , Mast , Tren and such performed as I would expect from past experience with these...
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    Hey friends...thought to join this board too...

    GearGoddess let me extend to you the warmest of welcomes ! So glad you decided to join and hope you find a home here . We have a great group of gals here and I know you would be an awesome addition . JD and I are very good friends and he speaks very highly of you so that says a lot to me . Again...
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    Perturbing Tren Dreams

    Really makes you wonder where tren digs this stuff up from . Oh those dark places in the human soul !
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    Ay td !!

    Dutch My man ! Solid plan there my friend ! I like the back loading of the tren . JD and I were talking bout than recently how more people are dong that now . I didn't know you have never run tren !? Look out now people !!!
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    Ay td !!

    Dutch My man ! Solid plan there my friend ! I like the back loading of the tren . JD and I were tal
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    Time between sets

    After doing this for some time you should be able to get a feel for it . You don't want a set to end because you failed cardiovascularly you want to end because of muscle failure . To that end we rest between sets to let the heart and breathing get down at least to sustainable levels . Heavy...
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    I have been screaming about this for the last 6 weeks . I don't really even come on much anymore because of it . I'm not going to fight with a computer ! Plenty of sponsor fees are taken in each month for us to have a website that works . I just finished typing one of my long posts in a thread...
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    Small Gym vs Big Gym

    Been going to gyms for some 35 yrs and I've seen the whole gym scene change dramatically . The first I ever went to was a hole in the wall . primitive equipment but you talk about hard core vibe . We had at least 12 national level competitors about half and half BBer / powerlifters . Monsters ...
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    Let's talk Winny

    I like winny . Only used the inj version if that makes any difference . About 4 yrs ago ran it with test c and var at 50mg/day . great summer combo and got lots of compliments . Did get a call from my nurse though that my liver enzymes were sky high ! Never noticed any joint pain .
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    Drug addiction and alcoholism

    Yes this is the one . One of the better threads ever IMHO . Maybe it's because it's the internet but it's easier to admit this stuff on here than IRL . For those of us who struggle with this it's very helpful to talk about it . One of the most dangerous places for an addict is all up in his head...
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    Oh the agony..

    I'm one of those who pays this game with my HRT doctor so I have to take this break to make sure all my markers are baseline . I suppose it is for the best as i learned last year my PSA has been increasing up and up due to AAS but if I just gave myself longer breaks like 10 weeks or so it would...
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    TPA Users

    Ever since I got my first vial of TPA when AY first came out with it I have used it in every cycle . Usually from 350mg/wk up to 1,000mg/wk depending on whether I ran it alone or with other test products . I usually end up pinning it everyday , not a biggie for me I like keeping it stable and...
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    Drug addiction and alcoholism

    You would be surprised by how many really caring stand up people there are here at ASF . There is a lot of kidding around and stuff but when you need to reach out for some help or just to talk you can make some amazing friends here . I know I have !
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    Bodybuilding stereotype

    BBers come in all shapes and sizes just like any other group . Some are very intelligent and thoughtful , some complete ass holes . We are not perfect by virtue of what we are doing , striving and fighting to be better .
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    Drug addiction and alcoholism

    Do some searches . Some months ago maybe a year I'm not sure there was an epic thread about this . MANY of us , I was surprised how many , are recovering addicts . I was a cocaine addict for some 15 yrs and heroin for some years as well . Methadone , several re habs . I finally got clean as I...
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    Test's different esters- same water retention?

    The ester can make a certain drug act in different ways to an extent . I don't know the exact scientific reason but most guys will swear that short ester test produces less water retention . You would be very hard pressed to find a pro who uses a slow ester close to the show for this reason ...
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    Great news from Team Green!

    Interesting , I never knew that . Sounds like an awesome summer compound !
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    EKG in determining heart health

    I am not an one to ask about EKG or heart stuff as i am not very well informed . But 4 yrs ago I had a incident of Arterial Flutter . My heart went off for 2 days at 148bpm . They had to re set my heart with those electrical shock things . I have had no other incidents since but do an EKG and...