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  1. Guillotine

    Good Morning

    That ginger.....
  2. Guillotine

    Trump hasnt done shit!

    You want rights? Become an illegal.
  3. Guillotine

    Mcgregor Maywhether fight!

    Mexican boxers are known for their aggressive, forward moving style....the way maywether did.
  4. Guillotine

    North Korea plan to attack the USA

    All Obama did was fracture and further destroy this country . Granted, the seeds were planted in the 30's by the bullshit 'new deal' - but Obama expanded that shit to ever more absurd proportions. In terms of how the US is viewed internationally by our enemies, I'd say they were emboldened by...
  5. Guillotine

    ASF member who looks like Michael Stipe

    Where is TheBoneman?
  6. Guillotine

    I'm married and I'm talking to another woman way too much

    Tell the side chick she has to go thru admissions testing before you'll sink balls deep into her. Tell her to make videos of her with at least 3 guys of every ethnicity and submit them to you for approval. Once all videos of all ethnicities are approvrd, you'll consider her application. And...
  7. Guillotine

    UH OH: Federal Judge Orders New Search for Clinton-Benghazi Emails

    He would have to commit it first... unlike Obama, the Clintons, and their ilk, who have blatantly worked to destroy this nation for decades.
  8. Guillotine

    Guns N' Roses-Not in this Lifetime Tour

    They were surprisingly good, and had chemistry as a band. Axl is not the same as in 1980's, but fuck...kept his voice better than diamond dave did.
  9. Guillotine

    Coinbase - sued by the IRS

    Agreed. Because all good things end.
  10. Guillotine

    Coinbase - sued by the IRS

    IRS wants coinbase to hand over acct info.
  11. Guillotine

    prayers for oldschool

    Ouch. My condolences, OS
  12. Guillotine

    I'm married and I'm talking to another woman way too much

    Pussy - fresh pussy - is a hell of a drug. Withdrawals are a bitch and a half... don't let your guard down thinking you've got it under control, or before you blink you will have booked a 3 night hotel stay mid week and will be ensuring she's carrying your child by drilling her for the 11th...
  13. Guillotine

    BUSTED: New Hillary Emails Show Clinton's 'Pay-to-Play' Scheme with Donors

    Men's or women's correctional? Tough call...
  14. Guillotine


    But they still grind. Might be the hard and dumb way, but they work
  15. Guillotine


    Welcome to the newer generations....they want everything hand fed to them... research on their own is anathema. At work, these same people want to only hit 1 button... 2 or more is too complicated. Then, after 3 monrhs, they bitch about no promotion.... Not all are like this, but far too many...
  16. Guillotine

    Worth buying bitcoin right now?

    To show that ppl have to be careful with the btc operators they use.
  17. Guillotine

    Worth buying bitcoin right now?

    No.. No time to research
  18. Guillotine

    Worth buying bitcoin right now?

    They are variations on a theme. The hope is you are invested in the 'one' that comes out ahead and skyrockets.
  19. Guillotine

    Who the fuck is tommy gunz ?

    We have had our differences, particularly around how some of the policies around here work, but his heart is in the right place, and he's an Indian, not a chief. IDGAF how much pussy he plows, as long as he space docks with the rest of us.
  20. Guillotine

    SEC issued a report Tuesday basically called Bitcoin a currency