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  1. selfmademonster

    4 months steroid use

    Damn, does he have to yell out "unclean, unclean!" prior to approaching people?
  2. selfmademonster

    Military and Military Families

    Who or what even gives you the right to post something like that. Pfft...
  3. selfmademonster

    Funny Pics and Memes

    This reminded me of the Jabba the Hutt girl 🤣
  4. selfmademonster

    COPS was wild...

    Never had much interest in those shows since all I had to do is hang out front of our house or body shop and watch it go down on the regular.
  5. selfmademonster

    New Fast and Furious movie

    I've only seen Fast and Furious 7, and wasn't even interested in seeing that one. I remember nothing about the movie accept this scene....I cried out with a "good lord" in the theater 😂
  6. selfmademonster

    The Mandela effect

    I don't care about all the political stuff, Mandela was great in Shawshank Redemption
  7. selfmademonster

    The Mandela effect

    Mikey didn't die??!!!
  8. selfmademonster

    Foamy Urine

    I'm gonna try this. I have great results on just 100-125 of Ace a week but always looking to get more from less
  9. selfmademonster

    Weed during workout?

    I've come to appreciate how unique everyone is over the past few years with how they respond to certain compounds etc, and the difference in body chemistry. This is why I grow indicas and hybrids also for my friends who prefer that medicinally. For some it's just not a match unfortunately for...
  10. selfmademonster

    Weed during workout?

    I quit for almost 25years and started back up a few years ago after much reluctance since I didn't want to smoke again. But it has helped replace the ADD and "bipolar" meds they had me on years ago, and no more struggle with alcohol. Though I think that's from a combination of things. Plus my...
  11. selfmademonster

    Weed during workout?

    I grow and smoke 100% sativa's all day til evening and always take a hit and have some caffeine before I train. Has to be 100% sativa though and absolutely no indica in it, great focus and positivity in the gym.
  12. selfmademonster

    SemaGlutide versus SLEEP APNEA

    This product is starting to intrigue me for a couple people with sleep apnea and possibly myself to drop a few lbs....are there any sides after discontinued use? Like excessive weight gain, trouble eating etc
  13. selfmademonster

    Emily Schubert...💪💪💪

    Martha Stewart looking pretty good right now.....
  14. selfmademonster

    Martha Stewart

    She don't look bad but I think the old lady breath and other assorted smells and textures would have me dry heaving. Even on Tren I think I would rather revisit the "Does Tren Make You Gay" thread than fantasize about the soggy clam, of this culinary convict
  15. selfmademonster

    Just realized I dress at gym like 42 year old I am

    I hear Balboa occasionally when I walk in 😂....I train with my soon to be 18 year old and sometimes he comes in looking like most the ghetto pajama and croc wearing hood rats at Walmart, it kills me that he don't trip off his appearance but then again the chicks dig him.
  16. selfmademonster

    Can Tren make you gay?

    Yeah a train would definitely mean your gay, would need quite a few Tren runs to work up to that
  17. selfmademonster

    There she is 😂

    Thats what I appreciate about this forum, there's a lot of experience on here.
  18. selfmademonster

    How do you like your steak cooked?

    I like mine medium rare, and smothered in pork chops
  19. selfmademonster

    CA - Libturd Central

    Will mulattos get only $600,000?
  20. selfmademonster

    CA - Libturd Central

    At least he's consistent, hard to find in this world today