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  1. Roughneck_91

    2nd cycle

    "Whether or not estrogen rebound becomes an issue will depend on the circumstances. For example, if an individual is using anastrozole as part of their post-cycle therapy regimen, the estrogen rebound that occurs at the conclusion of PCT will have a suppressive effect on testosterone...
  2. Roughneck_91

    Checking in before first injection Monday

    Excellent point about the psychological factor, which is something I think both sides of the "correct age" camp would agree with. Hellcat, that should be something you consider doing some reading on, if only to have a guide on what to expect and how to deal with it. Everyone brings up valid...
  3. Roughneck_91

    Checking in before first injection Monday

    Other than the PCT I'd say it looks solid! Have you looked in to Pre-Cycle Prep or Priming? It's not too late to set yourself up for success. Here's a great post on ASF's sister forum and Heavy adds some good material too...
  4. Roughneck_91

    Site down?

    Thanks brotha
  5. Roughneck_91

    2nd cycle

    Agreed, thats why I said a little. But they are bothSERMs and I've yet to read any material that made a compelling case for combining them for PCT, IMO. The data I've read certainly makes a stronger case against Clomid than for it. I generally take a minimalist approach to AAS use and feel that...
  6. Roughneck_91

    Site down?

    Is the site down for anyone else? I've been getting a "Forbidden" message when following the link or manually typing in the URL.
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    2nd cycle

    Even 300mls twice a week is a shit ton of gear. That's at least 60,000mgs! The general rule of thumb for "off time" has been time on cycle X 2. So if you had a 10 week cycle, wait 20 weeks for the next. And while you're still new and relatively young, this is probably the best direction for...
  8. Roughneck_91

    Fuck you you piece of shit faggot motherfucker. Stay off my forum cocksucker.

    Fuck you you piece of shit faggot motherfucker. Stay off my forum cocksucker.
  9. Roughneck_91

    Just had to!

    I can't imagine how it could get any better. Unreal promotion for top shelf gears.
  10. Roughneck_91

    The PreContest Bible

    Its just training and nutrition info, not cycles. Sorry I didn't say that earlier.
  11. Roughneck_91

    The PreContest Bible

    I got this book, The PreContest Bible by Larry Pepe, and it kicks major ass. Its a huge book (cost about 100 bucks) that covers the REAL prep diet and routines for 32 pros. Great pictures too for motivation. It'll be a pain in the butt to do it, but I figured I'd hook you guys up with a scan of...
  12. Roughneck_91

    Anyone dated a Mormon gal?

    Mormon women are hot! Good moral values, worship their husband like no other and constantly want you to cum inside of them... if you can find a fundamentalist then you're even more golden.
  13. Roughneck_91

    Black Friday sale up to 50% off!

    My buddy is on the 6, 1cc per week. Its truly the Cadillac of mixes. He has issues with inflamed injection site though, so keep that in mind, but its going well. How does this sale work? Do we have to submit WU info on that day or just have the cart ordered?
  14. Roughneck_91

    What Do Raptor and Lamar Odom Have in Common?

    I assumed "7 foot negro" meant his sexual preference...
  15. Roughneck_91

    Denise Rutkowski - WTF.... is this for real?

    Agreed. Back when she's all young and impressionable... giggity
  16. Roughneck_91

    Mr Bulky Bulk McBulkerton..

    Glad to have you back. I was wondering what happened to ya. Kill the weights brother!
  17. Roughneck_91

    Questions concerning high concentration formulas

    Thanks guys, very helpful. It looks like I'll follow Pharmacom's suggestion of using only half a cc initially. I'll do .5cc of TE500 and 1cc of TrenE200 twice a week. Good idea about the labs, for no other reason than legitimacy. The more documentation the better IMO. Been using the Dbol since...
  18. Roughneck_91

    Questions concerning high concentration formulas

    Hey friends, I've used a lot of gear in my time and a decent range of it too (only a few compounds I haven't tried). But I don't have any experience with high concentration formulas. I was curious as to your reactions and opinions on the stuff. I got half a dozen Pharma Test E 500's and I'm...
  19. Roughneck_91

    New HPLC results

    Confidence inspiring! Just got a couple hundred of them and can't wait to start eating them like skittles
  20. Roughneck_91

    I call bullshit! What women really like....

    LittleLady hit the nail on the head... if you're doing anything just to get trim you've already lost. American women are the most spoiled and entitled primates on the planet who don't know what the hell they want half the time (present company excluded of course)... I gear up and crush iron so...