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    Just placed other order.
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    Fast as Fuck like always with no issues. Love the Tren A
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    Another Fast Order TD

    Another fast order. Ace is seeming to be my go to
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    Sooo update on the Tren. I think a broke my wife lol!!
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    Old Member, New Account

    Welcome Back!
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    New member

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    The ordering was super easy and fast turn around, bonus we a nice touch too. Time to ride the Tren-Train
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    Been missing for a while

    Thanks for the welcome back, appreciated!
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    Been missing for a while

    I've been on here since 2014 but been missing for a while. Getting back at it and will be seeing me more. (time to get those gains!)
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    How long does approval that after logging into your website? Thanks

    How long does approval that after logging into your website? Thanks
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    The Woodshed

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    Laid off

    I feel your pain. Just found out my company is closing the doors here and moving to other state and not taking anyone with them at the end of August. Time to start looking myself.
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    Is AY still around?

    Was interested in seeing if AY was still around and are still good. Anyone?
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    Been Off a While

    Been off this site of a while beening working cray hours. Seeing alot of new sponsors but I still see some of the same players still here (glad to see that). JUst whated to say Hi to everyone will be on here more.
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    First green TD!

    Very cool, green is my favorite color too.
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    So Frau Krampus is gone...totally safe for work

    Well played sir!
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    Green Gear TD

    Damn so jealous
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    Private Source TD!!

    Ok my bad I try one more time..