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    Can you shoot me the source for the inj s23

    Can you shoot me the source for the inj s23
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    Shipping to USA is back!

    Yup thanks for the quick response.. your definitely on top of it thanks again
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    Shipping to USA is back!

    I’m tryn to get ahold of you guys via pm.. I’m having a issue I’m sure you guys can help me out with
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    ❤️Flash Sale❤️

    List me
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    How is the dhb treating you.. did you get bad pip your first couple shots to the point where you couldn’t train.. how long did it take for you to see results and what gear did you run with the dhb
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    Isocaloric Diet

    Right on
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    Sounds good thanks for the feedback I’ll be giving Somatozine a shot
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    I agree with yuu montego.. I’m at the end of a divorce and my 3 daughters that are under 6 I don’t want to feel hurt so I take them everywhere to keep there mind off of what’s happening and I’ve been eating right there with them.. chucky cheese, rock and jump, Dave and busters ect ect and I take...
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    5’9” 217lbs
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    34yrs lifting for 10 on and off 17-18 bf yeah I know i like to gradually up my dose as I go I do a 2week at 250 then I do two weeks at 375 and then hit 500 for 12-14 and I add an additional 250 if I feel like I need it.. my gym buddy got me to do that awhile ago and it stuck so my goal is to...
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    Not sure what’s up with me but my appetite is just not there and I’m struggling.. never tried mk677 but I hear it helps.. any feedback will help.. from what I’ve read 25mg will do running sust250 at 375 a week
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    GC DHB Review

    I have a couple bottles of this ready to go just tryn to get my bf down enough to get it going
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    Who’s running it and how are you doing in it.. I’m finally giving it a go In a couple weeks and want to hear people’s experience with it and at what dosage was it used.. any pointer.. did it help with appetite was there any sleeping issues etc I’m gonna run GC’s at 300 to start with 500 test to...
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    DHB Update-🔥

    I’m gonna start off with 500 test and 400 dhb I try to run everything low and if I feel I do good there I keep it there but if I see it’s not doing much I go up a little
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    DHB Update-🔥

    Gonna give it a go I’ve been looking for this compound.. I’ll let you guys know how it goes
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    Updated New Product List

    List this way
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    The biggest football pick em contest ever!! Only at psl!

    1)Miami 2)Eagles 3)Panthers 4)Steelers 5)Kansas City 6)Bears 7)Lions 8)Bengals 9)Redskins 10)Colts 11)Rams 12)49er's 13)Vikings 14)Patriots
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    Xmas Lottery

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    The biggest football pick em contest ever!! Only at psl!

    Yeah the rams are hot.. hopefully I make up for last weeks losses on this weeks picks