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  1. PositiveVibes

    Military and Military Families

    Navy Vet, 2005-2010. I was an AD, Aviation Machinist Mate, worked on F-18 Super Hornets as a mechanic. My Grandfather was also a Navy Vet.
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    I'm shocked and appalled nobody has mentioned the importance and results one can achieve from cock pushups......a damn shame!
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    So the context wasn't competition related but I guess he was thinking could be similar in a way to my situation daily and mostly related to work. I swet all day in a hot kitchen. 11am - 11pm. I then go home to shower, change and off to the gym. Like I said he k iws me very well and offered...
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    Thanks for taking the time to chat, I appreciate it! I'm gonna try the magnesium and potassium for sure. I think it's time for me to add 2-300 calories a day. Would love to hit 205 before cycle ends. I too eat a lot of steak. I'm not shy from salting food either so I will leave that alone...
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    So sounds like it's time to up my calories and food intake. Everything else is on point. Hiw much magnesium and potassium do you supplement with each meal and how many meals are you eating a day?
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    I buy fish oil, joint supplements and my pre-workout there. Maybe a protein bar every now and then. My diet is on point, if anything I need to up my calories. Been staying at 195 for about 3 weeks now. I work in a hot kitchen and this guy at gnc knows me pretty well so that's why he brought...
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    @Battousai none of it sounded right to me, that's why I came straight to my boys here. My thoughts exactly about the Gatorade and all the sugar intake. Just thought maybe I was missing something with the electrolytes, but I can't fathom what that could be. I'm still going to do some research...
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    That was my initial thoughts. Thanks for your input. I'm going to have to research more when I get a chance.
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    Electrolytes slow metabolism....

    I found out the guy that works at GNC where I get my vitamins and some supplements has been a personal trainer since 1998. Always been informative and usually spot on with any questions I have. Today he told me to drink lots of Gatorade or water with electrolytes because electrolytes slow...
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    What you eating tonight?

    Steak, shrimp, rice, and some veggies.
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    Does music help you train harder?

    Absolutely must have music, I got a cheap pair of skull candy headphones. I just started this a few months ago and I notice a difference for sure. I get pumped up and ready to go as soon as the music starts.
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    Acne while taking test

    Sorry to hear about your wife Badger. Hope you are doing well! PositiveVibes
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    I ordered some BPC-157 from Wes, he promptly shipped my order and it arrived quicker than expected. Not only did he fulfill my order he sent me a free cologne to my surprise. So @GYMnTONIC thank you for the nice surprise! Wes went above and beyond answering any questions I had in a DM, I had...
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    What’s your EDC?

    Sig p365xl or Springfield hellcat. I shoot well with both. I had a sig p365 and hated how it fit in my hand so I traded it in on a p365xl. Not much bigger but enough to feel more comfortable in my hand.
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    Matt's Log

    Yessir! I'm sitting at 195 lbs. Trying to hit 200 for the first time in my life haha. Just hit 400 lb bench press pretty happy about that. I need to get back to logging, work has been crazy busy so haven't had much free time. Glad to see your doing well, always rooting for you bro!
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    Matt's Log

    Keep killin it brother! 💪
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    Test and primo for bulking?

    I have enough test and npp for my next blast. I'll buy some primo and run test/npp/primo/proviron and try to do a better job at logging that cycle. I'm still working hard, but haven't had much free time to log like I would like to. Hopefully work will ease up a bit by the time I'm ready to...
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    Semaglutide from GYMnTONIC

    Wes is a solid source, he only carries quality products. As reliable as they come! Thanks for sharing your experience, keep it up sounds like you are killing it!
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    What's Your Go To Breakfast..??

    I figured you would throw sausage in there.....😆 🤣
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    Did you guys see this?

    We can start by enforcing the laws we already have. Adding new laws won't do a damn thing except make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves and family. I'm all for educating our youth as well. They need to understand and respect firearms, yet know how to use them properly...