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  1. Xguard

    $SB Labs December Special$

    Is it free shipping on everything or just the test?
  2. Xguard

    SB Labs HGH is back in stock

    Fuck yeah. About to pull the trigger on a few of these
  3. Xguard

    SB Rules hard

    I am on my 3rd or 4th order with these gorillas and I couldn't be any happier. I've been in this game for a while and out of all the sources I have ever used they are honestly the best. The lab results and turn around times should be enough for anyone to wanna get on board. The shipping and...
  4. Xguard

    Fastest turnaround I have ever seen

    Anytime brother! I've been in this game for a while. I know just how important it is for us to post accurately about sources. Towards the end of this winny run I am going to see how I am feeling ands where I am at competition wise. That'll dictate if I run your Tbol or if I decide to go...
  5. Xguard

    Fastest turnaround I have ever seen

    I am late to making this but last month I became new to the SB fam. I've seen fast shipping before but not only that the e-mail response...good god. I sent one at likexxxxxxand got a notification in my inbox by xxxxxx lol. All in all before midnight everything was done A to Z. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
  6. Xguard


    I have the winny and to be honest they are some of the easiest tabs I've ever had to split. Nicely scored.
  7. Xguard

    Real or Fake? Will Smith vs Chris Rock

    This is 100% spot on. She's been trashing him publicly for long enough. I wouldn't have been shocked if we find out he punches the air every night, big giant haymakers lol.
  8. Xguard

    King labs

    I have jug of test 400 (c/e blend). I ordered it with Anavar and Tbol. The var was legit, Tbol too. I think the test is underdosed but I can't say for sure.
  9. Xguard

    Robolics? They still around?

    I used Robolics many times years ago but stopped after the last 2 orders I made had multiple issues. One being ridiculous pip from test cyp. It felt like someone drove a nail into me, all the people using it reported the same thing. The other issue that actually happened with both orders was...
  10. Xguard

    Injectable Dbol

    Gear Church just said they are dropping injectable Dbol and injectable Superdrol.
  11. Xguard

    Gc npp?

    Both the solo NPP and the NPP blends are BOMB. I prefer it with Mast/TPP.
  12. Xguard

    Communication concerns

    His sale is beyond overwhelming, GC is probably the most stand up guy in the game right now. He'll take care of you.
  13. Xguard


    He will take care of you for sure. He is a man of his word. I know he’s having that sale which is enough to back anyone up a bit. Trust me though, he’ll come through.
  14. Xguard


    Just like I said, a man of his word. I heard from GC today and all is well. Best source and guy there is.
  15. Xguard


    GC is a man of his word. I'm having a very similar issue and what you said about his email being compromised put a new light on this for me because I talked to GC all the time and then things went dark about a month ago. Ldogs working with me too and I'm sure it'll get resolved. Seeing your...
  16. Xguard

    Inject sdrol!!

    It’s next on my list now, good call brother
  17. Xguard

    Inject sdrol!!

    I’ve never tried superdrol but I have used an inject anadrol/TRNE blend and that shit was WILD...even though you sweat and smell like gear from 5 feet away lol. If it compares to that, I’d give it a try at some point during non comp season. I’ve been wanting to grab some Test Suspension from...
  18. Xguard

    Sale info! Please read! Starts Sept 9th

    Real talk
  19. Xguard

    ATIPP, the blend of all blends

    I saw a couple sources on other boards pop up recently with blends that are trying to mimic it, just not going to happen. Lol. I bet that this with NPP and Mast Prop would be BOMB.
  20. Xguard

    ATIPP, the blend of all blends

    I honestly can't say enough about this blend. My friend and I have both been using it while in competition training for jiu jitsu. We've both had peak performances both in competition and during training. He racked up a few gold medals and I..well I got DQ'd for breaking a rule in a finals...