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    My first cycle, input appreciated

    I love the young guys taking photos in the mirror more than working out saying they are 6% BF...lmao...than where are your muscle fibers or road map of veins?
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    SB Labs requires you to use a secured email.

    Proton mail and a vpn which they offer are the way to go.
  3. Wacker

    My first cycle, input appreciated

    How often does your trt doc require you to get blood work and what is your weekly dose now? With low BF the mast and var together will make you vascular AF which can be very noticeable. Since it is your first blast you may want to consider just mast and test.
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    GH-15 Bible

    GH/Tren/Ice Cream/Pineapple=220lbs 6%BF
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    I Hate Tren!

    Tren heartburn sucks! But that's really the only thing I can complain about other than some night sweats and maybe some restlessness. All worth dealing with for the results.
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    Unsponsored Gear Pro Lean Bulk

    Catching up from the weekend, Friday I hit arms and Saturday was legs. Last night was chest still making good gains in strength after warm up was able to get 225x8, 225x7, and 225x6. I am on vacation next week when I get back I am going to start another 5x5 series to see how far I can push...
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    I haven't heard this one in forever..

    Wouldn't it be great if you could slam pizza and just turn the love handles into 20" guns.
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    Very nice.
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    Lipid Panel Low HDL

    Was not on orals for over a year or more, just goin to stick with light cardio I was more concerned about it than him. I think it’s the AI
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    Cycle and water retention

    Yes sir you have to take of your health first.
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    How can you lower red blood cell count?

    When I had a trt doc I had a script for every 30 days and they told after the first few donations every 30 days should be back to normal and could be maintained at the red cross. So far donating every 60 days at the red cross keeps everything in healthy ranges.
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    Unsponsored Gear Pro Lean Bulk

    Shoulders last night: Seated BB Presses- 3x10 @ 135, 3x8 @ 155 Reverse Pec Deck 4x12@120 Side Raises Cable 4x10 @ 40 Front Raises DB 4x10 @ 25 Upright Rows 4x8 @ 70 Shrugs 3x10 I have to sit down this weekend and readjust my calories up feel like I am not getting enough. I eat every 2...
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    Cycle and water retention

    Watch Amlodipine, in some people it can cause a lot of water retention. I was one of them, my GP doctor put me on it and my ankles started to swell like I was 300lbs. I talked to the cardiologist, and he said it's a side effect of Amlodipine for some people. As soon as I stopped it the water...
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    Lipid Panel Low HDL

    Appreciate the input.
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    New to forum

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    Slow and Control vs Snatching hmmm ?

    I use slow and control for heavy weights, sometimes I will finish an exercise with a set at my starting weight with fast reps to failure.
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    Does anyone here....

    I drink egg whites in the AM, but they are the ones that come in a carton and are pasteurized. They really have no taste, and the texture is not like an egg it more like milk, I don't think I could get eggs down just mixed up.
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    Unsponsored Gear Pro Lean Bulk

    So far, I really like results of the pin schedule and doses I am using no pip and easy to follow. Going on vacation in two weeks for a week thinking of starting the var now to harden up a little.
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    Unsponsored Gear Pro Lean Bulk

    Work has been a little crazy but here is an update: Tuesday was back night: Wide grip pulldowns 3x8 front, 3x8 back Tbar rows 4x8 Seated Wide grip rows 3x10 DB rows 4x10 Close grip pull downs 4x8 20 mins cardio Sauna Wednesday was my off day just went and did 30mins cardio and 15mins sauna