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  1. Maxmoto17

    Can I get a list

    Can I get a list
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    Olympus shipping delays??

    when will olympus be back?
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    first test and tren cycle

    im thinking about running tren for the first time and just wondering what is a good dose to start at.. i was thinking test e at 250mg a week for 12 weeks and tren a at 350-400 a week for weeks 5-12 does that sound like a good beginer tren cycle or let me know what i should do
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    Bulking dose of test and deca

    I have clomid, formeron, aromasin, and some nolva for my AI'S and SERMS, thinking about adding hcg to it 2 weeks before I start pct
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    Is TNE the same as TEST SUSPENTION?

    Is tne the same thing as test suspention? Hope it doesn't sound like a dumb question haha
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    Up your mass?

    Has anyone used up your mass with good gains, as far as I can tell it the only weight gainer with oats as carbs
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    What would be the best time to use HCG

    I'm trying to figure out the best time to use and how much to use for pct? Or run it while on cycle, can I get some info, I'm trying to add it to my pct, so far I have, CLOMID, FORMERON, AROMASIN, and I wanna add hcg I just need to know the best way to use it
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    Has anyone used cemstore

    Has anyone used any serms or anything like that from cem store
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    Bulking dose of test and deca

    I was gonna do a gram of test and 500mg of deca and run superdrol instead of dbol
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    Bulking dose of test and deca

    What do u guys think is a good dose to start at when u start to really get the full benefits of test and deca, and what ratio
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    It's the original methadrol with superdrol in it, I just think for me personaly superdrol puts on more size and strength than ANY other oral, but it just depends on the person,
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    Test at 750-1000mg , deca at 400-500, and methadrol at 2 caps a day for first 4 weeks, and run the test for 18-20 weeks and deca for 16-17 weeks, does that look like a great bulking cycle guys?
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    Methadrol extrem and test?

    Do u guys think it would be ok if I just started methadrol alone it's first week cause I'm waiting on test to come, so like if I ran methadrol alone for 1 or 2 weeks then started test e and continue the methadrol for the next 2 weeks then run the test e for 16 weeks total and then run pct
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    Methadrol extrem and test?

    Anyone ever ran methadrol extreme with like 750-1000mg of test a week? I'm thinking about running this really soon
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    Gram of test e vs 250mg test e and 600mg of tren

    And if superdrol is bad with 19 nors, what would be something good to add in eq?
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    Gram of test e vs 250mg test e and 600mg of tren

    its not that diff, I'm basically wondering what would build the most muscle tissue, and I'm just asking cause I don't know that much about tren and from what I know it's not really used as a bulker by most people, but it must build muscle better than test just not as much water weight, I'm...
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    Gram of test e vs 250mg test e and 600mg of tren

    What do u guys think would have better gains? I have yet to run tren but am thinking about it, I'm wanna run a bulking cycle and I'm gonna be stacking it with superdrol for the first 4 weeks
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    Eq vs deca

    What would u guys prefer eq or deca to stack with test
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    Tren vs deca?

    So witch will give me more gains once I'm off the stuff?
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    Has anyone used a slin only cycle

    Has anyone had any really good results from using just slin post workout? Like using it in between cycles or something