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  1. dezzy84

    Anavar or Winstrol

    How long do you have to hold it under your tongue?
  2. dezzy84

    Anavar or Winstrol

    Maybe you're on to something. That's why I noticed an instant effect from winny when I was using the liquid sublingual.
  3. dezzy84

    Euro-Pharmacies Turanabol from P.S.L.

    Ironic, I bumped up the Var to 50mg, wasn't feeling much on 25mg, and the back pumps killed me!
  4. dezzy84

    Anavar or Winstrol

    Tell me about the timing dose protocol.
  5. dezzy84

    Anavar or Winstrol

  6. dezzy84

    Anavar or Winstrol

    Just started Var. So far not impressed. Loved winny.
  7. dezzy84

    Euro-Pharmacies Turanabol from P.S.L.

    Anyone currently using this for MMA? Results?
  8. dezzy84

    Question about Anavar and DOMS

    I notice when running anabolic and getting proficient at a certain long as you are using progressive overload you should keep making gain and size! I've been trying to stick to a program for at least 6-8 weeks even if I'm not getting sore.
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    Anavar or Winstrol

    Love Winstrol, gonna try some anavar and see how it treats me.
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    Ugl vs pharma

  11. dezzy84

    Superdrol Question

    I remember man...just wanted to nap 24/7 Never experienced anything like it. At this point, I'd only run it for a couple weeks for the beach or something.
  12. dezzy84

    Superdrol Question

    It's amazing...changes the look of my body more then anything else quickly. I couldn't handle more then 10mg a day. The lethargy is not a joke.
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    I bought some GHK-cu for my lady to use on a scar from surgery. She hasn't noticed anything, but she doesn't have a great track record with being consistent with supplements/treatments so it might be partly adherence. I am not an expert, but that sagginess from stretched skin in the lower...
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    Muscle Gelz "Heal" review/log

    Extremely interested in this stuff. Hope it works.
  15. dezzy84

    HEAL - Topical Peptide Repair Formula by Muscle Gelz

    Extremely interested in this stuff. Any feedback?
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    👹👹 Monster needs help 👹👹

    Get Superdrol back in stock.
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    Do Bigger Physiques Always Mean More PED Use?

    I was under the understanding building mass was pretty simple for these guys, testosterone and an anabolic. Pre-contest is when things get crazy.