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    New User Error

    Hello Sir! Please delete cookies and restart or change the browser. are you using a mobile device? What is the exact address you are using ? Thank you!
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    Great service/ TD

    Thank you Sirs!
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    Touchdown with a freebie thanks PCS

    Thank you Sir for your patience and for your trust!
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    Another order placed!

    hello Sir! Please make sure to check your spam folder or your PharmaComStore account for a tracking code or shipping confirmation. Do this only if your payment was confirmed. If there aren't any updates, it means order hasn't gone through, wrong payment info or other issue. However, even for...
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    MyoGen Labs is here

    We have massively expanded our product line and we are now targeting more than the AAS clientele. Most of our customers these days are from search engines and social media and only a fraction of them heard of this famous lab with a very similar name with our store. Our marketing has now expanded...
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    Another order placed!

    Thank you too Sir for your trust!
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    Dragon or . Org? Which one is real?

    Hello Sir! We are authorized vendors of all the AAS manufacturers we currently distribute. Resellers verification systems sometime are malfunctioning, we suggest you to e-mail directly a specific manufacturer and he will give you reference about our status. Also, we currently operate on 4...
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    Pharmacomstore TD

    Thank you too Sir for your trust!
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    New Brands - MAGNUM Pharma + BM Pharmaceuticals

    Magnum Pharmaceuticals and BM Pharmaceuticals products added to our line with promotional prices until the end of the year. Thank you, PCS
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    Dragon Pharma Test E 250mg

    Hello Sir! We have now imported DP products to our International Warehouse 1, from where we have 100% Shipping Success Rate to USA for 11 consecutive months in a row. Please forward us your info by PM and reshipment will be forwarded to our carrier right away. We have too many products now...
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    Pharmacy grade testosterone - Many options

    Hello Sir! Big pharma grade players like Bayer and Pfizer NEVER sell directly to anyone, not even big drugstore chains, hospitals nor to governments. There are separate entities, pharma distribution companies, with exclusivity to buy all the batches and distribute them along the retail...
  12. Steroidify

    Where’s my negative reviews.

    Hello Sir! We are very careful how we formulate our statements, you should be too when reading them. > First of all, it is irrelevant when you have ordered, since most of the customers pay several days later and if other payment method than crypto currency is used, pick up may take several...
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    We are now Official Distributors of 2 more manufacturers and more to be announced soon. SIS LABS - & HILMA BIOCARE - EU Shipping for both ... 3-4 days for DOMESTIC EU and 7-8 day on...
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    even this order has arrived

    Probably same chances Sir as being hit by a meteor, of being arrested for a 3-4 vials order. I have seen your recent TD pic from today, keep us posted, thanks for the update.
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    Where’s my negative reviews.

    Nice intro Sir! Feel free to contact us anytime by PM here on ASF or through our official customer service channel for any real time updates, questions or misunderstandings. Thank you, PCS Team
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    even this order has arrived

    Hello Sir! We all hate waiting, the only difference is how we cope with it and what's the worst case scenario it can lead to. In this specific case, when ordering from PharmaComStore you have all your purchases covered by a reshipping policy in case of any unwanted and unlikely events that...
  17. Steroidify

    Para Pharma

    Hello Sir! We personally know their raw producer, actually it's the same entity providing for more than half of the ASF manufacturers. Indeed, it's not always just about raws, they may be of high purity but if the manufacturing process sucks, so are the finished products. As you can seem...
  18. Steroidify

    Eu warehouse - update !!!

    UPDATE! We have now loaded Dragon Pharma products at our EU warehouse. All EU orders will ship by default, DOMESTIC, at the same (lower) international prices. This is a promotion and it will only last until the end of the month. Starting from 1st of August, domestic EU prices will be...
  19. Steroidify

    Maha Pharma

    Hey Phill! It's an Asian brand, active for 2-3 years but active mostly local, on the China / India / Indonesia market, They are clients of the same Chinese raw producer used by many top sources, therefore it was very easy for us to get in contact with them since the raw manufacturer is one...