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  1. ilfirin

    Smooth bridge to TRT

    Yikes 4-6 weeks for Test Propionate? I am using a telehealth TRT clinic and was told over the phone I must be below 650ng/dl. I'm not too concerned about that number though because my baseline was mid 300's ng/dl (and that was before blasting and cruising for years on end). I'm sure if I give...
  2. ilfirin

    Smooth bridge to TRT

    Below 650ng/dl is low enough for this doc. Labs cost $100 and a 3.5hr drive for me, so I'd like to get it right the first time.
  3. ilfirin

    Smooth bridge to TRT

    Hello, I have been taking 0.7CC (70mg) Test Propionate EoD for 2 months now (245mg per week) preparing to switch over to doctor prescribed TRT. Prior to that I had been blasting/cruising non stop for years. I took my last pin of Test P April 25th. I need to score below 650ng/dl on my blood work...
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    Good to hear!
  5. ilfirin

    Easy BTC instructions

    more details in this thread:
  6. ilfirin

    Easy BTC instructions

    this method will eventually get you banned from cash app unless you use a bitcoin mixer. happened to me
  7. ilfirin

    do you think multi vitamins are worth the money

    I'm kind of on the fence, but I do take a multi vitamin every night before bed.
  8. ilfirin

    Those that use short ester drugs...

    I would recommend doing the propionate ester on a daily injection schedule.
  9. ilfirin

    Synthol Kid Makes His MMA Debut

    So dumb. I did see a guy that used a little synthol in his one pec that tore to even it out with the other one. That sounded like a good use of synthol but this is just pathetic.
  10. ilfirin

    Weird question....input please

    AAS can mess with your sperm. Certain orals make my sperm taste bad... So I'm told.
  11. ilfirin

    DQ sep-0ct 19' HPLC

    Liking those Exemestane results, thanks for getting that checked.
  12. ilfirin

    Sexual Performance Lacking

    Figured this one out. Thanks for ideas/recommendations from everyone. I started by cutting out the proviron and noticed nothing. I seem to be a non-responder to proviron, it wasn't negatively effecting my sex drive, but it wasn't helping it either. Next, I switched from adex to aromasin. Next...
  13. ilfirin

    CKD/Kidney Recovery Regimen

    Just curious REHH, when's the last time you have taken a creatine supplement?
  14. ilfirin

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

    Holy shit
  15. ilfirin

    When you hit a wall what do you do? stagnate gains, can't eat etc. Post your thoughts here

    If I take a week off for some reason I always come back in the gym stronger.
  16. ilfirin

    Virgin pre-cycle labs

    welcome to the club
  17. ilfirin

    Members And Vets

    Yea, they can't know that they are going to be tested I agree. What I meant was after you post up the results then they send you the package with vials + cash. Honestly though... if the gear doesn't test well why would you want more vials or store credit from them? Maybe it should just be after...
  18. ilfirin

    Deca and Sides

    I ran .5mg caber 2x per week while I was on my test + deca cycle. Didn't experience any bad side effects from it, but I didn't notice the lubed joints like some people say. It also shut me down really hard, had a hell of a time after my PCT. Lost a lot. Deca did get me to my strongest point that...
  19. ilfirin

    The History of Calorie Counting in Bodybuilding

    Like procard said, count everything at first. That will slowly train your eyes to see the calories. When I started dieting and started counting my calories I was surprised to find that I was eating anywhere between 3500-4500 per day. I've been holding myself to 2000-3000 per day now and the...
  20. ilfirin

    Members And Vets

    Better yet send me $110 USD in the pack with the 5 vials.