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  1. Mbuck1

    Welcome back?

    ...and who's on top? I don't want your dirty fuck'n PMs...just answer the ?
  2. Mbuck1

    Welcome back?

    Where the fuck are the sources/sponsors?
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    .5mg? 1mg? How much do you guys weigh? 150lbs? Ha! Doc just upped my script to 2mg extended release
  4. Mbuck1

    NoCode's NOLA hunting trip

  5. Mbuck1

    New record for E2 levels?

    Smooth AY gear = little to no pip! And I'm prone to bad pip in delts normally. These 3ml pins gave me maybe a day of slight bruising. Sadly, I wouldn't know..
  6. Mbuck1

    New record for E2 levels?

    3ml in each delt? FUCK'N OUCH!!
  7. Mbuck1


    I was drunk last night when I posted this. Now that I'm sober, it's even worse! I mean, I'm no beauty queen, but fuck, my face isn't all over a website for thousands of people to see. I can't surf ASF on my PC without seeing that grill on every page that loads. Switching to Tapatalk... Have a...
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    Got me some Super DMZ 3.0. About too order some Exemestane. But, FUCK! Please take that monkey look'n blonde off the coupon... :nono:
  9. Mbuck1

    Treasure Coast Compounds vs ???

    I've ran three tren e and test 500 cycles with TC and had great results. Their product is no longer in my reach. I've since tried three sponsors from asf, which will remain nameless. If I mention names, you fucks will think I'm bashing their products. Ha! So don't ask. That's not my intent...
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    Pinning 3ccs in the delt

    Awww. Cheer up buttercup.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you :kiss:
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    Tailgating is one of my biggest pet peeves. (Pet peeves..Does that sound gay?) Especially when my daughter is in the car. About once every six months I lose my shit. I'll stop in the middle of traffic, get out of the car, and let the inconsiderate faggot behind the wheel know, that if he/she...
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    Sunday is my cheat day. So I'll wake up early, go out to breakfast, and power down some mentally appetizing, but physically disgusting meal. Then whine about how shitty I feel for half the day, and sit on the toilet for the second half
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    Lifting Music

    Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura. Metallica(Master and older). Fast and hard. Even some Eminem. That's okay isn't it? He's white..
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    That defining moment....

    Awww. We have something in common.
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    What's the difference between Santa Clause And a Jew? Santa goes DOWN the chimney
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    ^^ This. Also, a few years ago, I was prescribed Prozac and Risperidone to cope with the effects of habitable meth use. That shit gave me night terrors. I ain't scared of shit, and I'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming; fuck'n deathly afraid. Needless to say, after two weeks of that...
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    Delts are my favorite to put anything..
  19. Mbuck1

    training help - abs every day?

    I don't work abs....or legs..
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    Syringe shops

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