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  1. BadGas

    Do I really need to take Tren ??

    This ^^^^ and night sweats.. I went thru 6+ towels on my bed and pillow a night easily.. this alone made irritability thru the roof.
  2. BadGas

    Uncle Z and my Old Man Therapy

    This was an easy choice brother.. And you guys always had my back, even when I repped H-AS .. you were always there when we needed an ally.. I love that Z's operations was mostly unaffected by politics.. That means a lot to me now.. When before it was never on my radar.. Switching places can...
  3. BadGas

    Uncle Z and my Old Man Therapy

    Working on some gear porn.. give me a minute (or 3) .. Haven't been on the boards much since H-AS went up in smoke .. As some of you know .. I put much effort in helping H-AS overcome some mistakes, as well as, a well orchestrated hit job. I invested a lot of time and effort in H-AS because...
  4. BadGas

    What can I expect?

    Bro.. I'm super excited to see how ya make out here.. So many talking about Sarms and peps being the future.. When I go off blast.. I run Test 200mg and Deca 100mg per week.. and 1/2 adex every 7 days.. and I still feel great to be honest.. but I'm dying to know the 2 compounds mentioned...
  5. BadGas

    ProtonMail >>>> ???? WTF

    I see a lot of you using and posting your protonmail email addresses on the boards.. And it has me scratching my head ... :hmm::hmm: Am I the only that remembers they got hacked.. ??? All the spam mail pretending to be moderators.. that were very well put together.. and fooled quite a few...
  6. BadGas

    Got deca dick? This is why!

    Definitely .. does not always work.. Though would be awesome if it did Cialis works even better.. still doesn't always work.. regardless of brand and dosing..
  7. BadGas

    Got deca dick? This is why!

    Bro... good read here man. Thanks for posting this.. Can never have too much info on this topic .. .LOL
  8. BadGas

    Ways to Combat Superdrol Lethargy?

    1mg a week could help to lower it quick .. but could eventually keep your E lower than it needs to be.. which is just as bad as too high.. My starting point for a blast like yours would be .5mg every 3rd day.. and move it to .5mg every 2nd day if blood work says your E is too high.. Every 3rd...
  9. BadGas

    LeBron James is a bitch.

    The rights afforded to each American under the Constitution has been paid for, in blood.. I guess those are the things him (and those like him) fail to remember .. We weren't given these rights.. We fought for these rights.. We bled for these rights.. Died for these rights.. And we'll do...
  10. BadGas

    Ways to Combat Superdrol Lethargy?

    Are you taking adex or any other anti estrogen ?? When was your last blood test.. and what was your test and estrogen at?? Sounds like estrogen could be high.. it puts me to sleep standing up when mine is.. For the record.. I never had lethragy running sdrol.. but I ran it with winny .. not...
  11. BadGas

    The King OF Smart Drugs Is Finally Here

    This thread turned into a really great discussion.. I'll be looking forward to trying this drug out.. All set with adderall .. Don't need any other drug problems..
  12. BadGas

    Deca and Sides

    brother.. i personally believe if npp worked great for you.. then do as I do.. use both. With npp .. you have the phenylprop ester.. 4.5 - 5 days half life.. so when you inject this product 2 - 3 times a week, the nandrolone side effects don't add up to much because it's in and out of your...
  13. BadGas


    On behalf of H-AS Pharma.. Welcome to ASF ... Be sure to jump on IronMagazineForums (IMF) also.. We're all here to help .. Help yourself.. or help someone else, but for the love of God, if you don't know exactly what you're talking about.. Let someone else help, while you watch and learn...
  14. BadGas

    The Z money train $$$

    These are some good deals OTG.. If Z keeps offering up these killer deals.. H-AS may have to lower some prices.. or offer up his kitchen sink, again.. to keep pace .. lol. :winkfinger:
  15. BadGas

    Football then and now

    Plus the agents.. those fuckers played a big part in created the problems you mention above..
  16. BadGas

    Football then and now

    At least Dion was the best at his position.. no attire needed.. in 2 sports. Cam.. showed flashes of brilliance.. but is more of a fast burning flame versus the start that was Dion..
  17. BadGas

    Testosterone sweet spot ?

    Couldn't agree with both of you, more ....
  18. BadGas

    Testosterone sweet spot ?

    I totally agree with you.. this is my sweet spot also.. On those blast when I'd like to bump up the fire just a tad... I do so by adding Test Prop or Test PhenylProp ... it gives me that quick bump.. then it's out.. so no compounding.. not really effect overall levels long term.. TPP is my...
  19. BadGas

    Chose PSL for first cycle ever!

    So you went with their Euro Pharm gear ??? Good choice bro.. PSL is legit...
  20. BadGas

    Where's the gd bloods lately?

    Id bet your happy with those numbers.. lol