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    Whats up

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    New to the forum

    Welcome to asf
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    New Member First Post

    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome aboard
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    New to the forum

  6. Gs442

    Reliable Rx

    They called me on my first order to verify but I haven’t been called since. I’ve had numerous orders from them with no problems.
  7. Gs442

    Sperm zero after 6 months off

    Just found this thread and wanted to sub it. God speed man I hope it happens for you and your wife.
  8. Gs442

    power source labs

    Looks legit
  9. Gs442

    In light of all the recent drama here...

    Reps that video made my day
  10. Gs442

    In light of all the recent drama here...

    You should've grabbed them out her hand and ate them and told her since you helped pay for them you was gonna eat them.
  11. Gs442

    In light of all the recent drama here...

    I love it when they buy $50 worth of lottery and a carton of newports and then pay for there basket full of grocherys with there Eatin Better Tonight card.
  12. Gs442

    J.J. Watt Squatting

    To bad he is on such a shitty team by the time his contract is up he will be beat down
  13. Gs442

    J.J. Watt Squatting

    yeah there is a YouTube video of it at 6'5 288 that's pretty impressive
  14. Gs442

    JYM on Backorder still

    Yeah I've been waiting 3 weeks for it to come back in.
  15. Gs442

    AY Gear

    Amen to that
  16. Gs442

    AY~ NO LIMITS~ unsponsored log.

    Looking solid brother subbed
  17. Gs442

    Would you rather....

    Rachel has the same hair cut as I do I would lick her butt though
  18. Gs442

    Team fighting a new sport

    It sucks for the last team mate standing he gets his shit kicked