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    Been Awhile!

    Ah yes this guy was banned from my forum, I guess he is still upset.
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    Been Awhile!

    Actually that money was used and donated to a community member whos mother was in need of prescriptions and some bills paid but thank you for inquiring. The brand makes more than enough money for something like this.
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    Been Awhile!

    Told you its been awhile! Sorry to post in the wrong section hah!
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    Been Awhile!

    well hello! heavy and i will figure the payment. i said i wouldnt do a million xfers but i know a way i can do it anonymously now.
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    Been Awhile!

    Thanks brother. Just pm'd Heavy for transfer info. Had to finish the website and logo and had to spome to him before the holidays I would be ready about this time.
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    Been Awhile!

    I am! Getting all my ducks in a row to insure timely shipments (winter shipping is always a pain). How did you know I was busy? Stupid question but I dont know your sn
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    Been Awhile!

    Hey fellas! B.N I recieved your pm. Benoit23 will have this. Thanks for asking though :)
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    Been Awhile!

    Its been quit some time since I have traveled here. Thought I would change that before I pay for sponsorship. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and had a awesome holiday season!
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    We have a site, . We are 100% domestic. thanks for stopping by!

    We have a site, . We are 100% domestic. thanks for stopping by!
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    Controversial topic... who are your top three go to sources here and why?

    Im on there now (IronMag Chems) thanks for that!
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    Dionysus Labs

    We have installed out private shop module. 2-3 weeks we will close new registrations. This helps us control quality, as we get a grip on the new demand we will open registrations for 1-2 days then no more for 3-4 months. Its open now for 2 weeks tops.
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    Dionysus Labs

    Its 100% organic triple filtered GSO from Italy. We have half a pallet of it coming. comes in glass bottles. So smooth prop can be drawn in 29g pins.
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    Dionysus Labs

    Thank you Velociraptor your words are too kind. Need to watch what I say until I decide to jump on the sponsor wagon. Still on the fence because we are almost to the point of locking the site for current clients only.
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    Dionysus Labs

    It has been awhile since I posted. How is everyone doing?
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    Who's your favorite?

    Well once we am a sponsor on this board (VERY SOON) I would say give us a try. I have sent an inquiry about this, just a matter of time! DL
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    Tren PIP and swelling

    It might be a reaction to an additive, concentration might be stronger than what it says or lastly it could be full of bacteria. Once it starts to heal it will itch, this (in my experiance) is good because it means it is healing. I would try lowering the dosage and if that doesnt solve your...
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    I will contact this forum and become a sponsor.

    I will contact this forum and become a sponsor.
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    ... Dl

    ... Dl
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    Competition Meal Plan update.

    Hey Roid, I have still yet for you to email at for the item you want to tose into your cycle. Hurry up brotha. DL
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    Make a thread. "Order $200-300 (you pick minimum) of Dionysus Labs products and receive 1 free...

    Make a thread. "Order $200-300 (you pick minimum) of Dionysus Labs products and receive 1 free vial of DioExtreme" DioExtreme is a custom GrAnabolic only blend. It can not be bought at any other website or vendor. Discription on his webpage. DL