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  1. Jewpig


    Looking for a source that carries legit halotestin?
  2. Jewpig

    Best Peptide source

    looking to cjc with dac and Ipamorelin. Ive always used great white peptides but was considering iron mag research or blue sky just looking for some insight
  3. Jewpig

    ghrp-6 best source

    Thanks guys il give imr a shot
  4. Jewpig

    ghrp-6 best source

    Looking to use some ghrp 6 to stimulate my appetite can't eat for shit this cycle on test and Tren. I normally use great white peptides but just wanted to see if anybody had a better source? Price is not an issue I'd rather pay more for top quality stuff
  5. Jewpig

    Lasix Source?

    Looking for a source for lasix. Have a powerlifting meet coming up and need to shed some water hopefully somebody has a source been looking around but all I could find was sketchy pet pharmacy sites
  6. Jewpig

    Looking for a list

    Looking for a list
  7. Jewpig

    Olympus var

    Op var is very legit my girl is on her third cycle using their var and it's nothing short of amazing for just 10 mg a day. Crazy strength gains while leaning out
  8. Jewpig


    Try mixing organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar cut with 2 parts water and apply to acne can help alot
  9. Jewpig


    Interested in running tne preworkout what sponsor has the best tne?
  10. Jewpig

    Great White peptides

    Who would I be able to get human grade stuff from?
  11. Jewpig

    Great White peptides

    In the past I've used great white peptides for clen and finna. But now I need to get some clomid and nolva and was wondering if I should stick with them or if there is a better source, price is not an issue just want to get highest quality stuff
  12. Jewpig

    Liquid nolva and clomid

    Do you usually have to go international to get pharm grade? Or is there a domestic source for it? And hah thanks I'm new to this forum and I've always used it
  13. Jewpig

    Liquid nolva and clomid

    A buddy of mine was telling me that liquid AIs and serms aren't as good as pressed tabs? Any insight on this? He was saying something along the lines of the chemical breaking down in the liquid and not being as good
  14. Jewpig

    Clen source?

    Can anyone refer a good source for clen?