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  1. gofaster87

    Trump + JAN 6th insurrection

    Everything from the government is a lie especially from the alphabet agencies.
  2. gofaster87

    Need help with current provider

    Bloodwork is a must. I can see one item being bad or under dosed but to have all three be bunk is pretty crazy.
  3. gofaster87

    They are TARGETing Your Children

    Dicks is almost a bigger shithole than Target. I personally dont know anyone that shops there.
  4. gofaster87

    Any of y’all use chalk when benching?

    I use chalk on heavy bench but it really depends on the bar and my gym has a big selection. Some bars have aggressive knurling others dont. When I get above 100lb dumbbells the handles change and I use chalk.
  5. gofaster87

    Can Tren make you gay?

    Tren makes me an even creepier old man at the gym. I have to watch myself because Ill always get caught looking too hard.
  6. gofaster87

    Favorite gym shoe?

    I always wore regular vans. Flat shoe with no squish, great for squats and deadlifts. Every once in a while Ill wear my old Jordon 1s.
  7. gofaster87

    Mexican Tamsulosin

    Lost my insurance and doc won't prescribe flomax without doing a full workup of everything which I dont have the funds for at the moment. I can't find a decent source of flowmax, if anyone figures something out let me know.
  8. gofaster87

    Corned beef hash is a cheat code

    My favorite is roast beef hash - homemade
  9. gofaster87

    Anyone lift at home/private gym?

    I go to gym after work everyday so I prefer to not go straight home. Being at home too much bores me. The gym I go to is an independent gym owned by a good guy that has a full size welding/machining area in the back so he builds a lot of random equipment himself. Gym has a lot of Rogue...
  10. gofaster87

    What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

    Sheeps brain. Texture was nasty and taste wasn't anything special.
  11. gofaster87

    What are the top 5 harshest anabolics?

    Are you thinking of tren hex? Thats just parabolan
  12. gofaster87

    What are the top 5 harshest anabolics?

    Halo and sdrol will wreck you. Tren is pretty bad if overused but still my favorite.
  13. gofaster87

    Tren acid and heartburn remedies..

    I always took omeprezole when I had stomach issues on tren. Worked well
  14. gofaster87

    What’s your favorite workout day?

    Back day is my favorite. It is the only body part I haven't injured in all my years of training. Pecs and hams Ive injured too many times.
  15. gofaster87

    What’s up with this attack on masculine muscular men today ?

    The feminization of men is on an upswing. They want complacency and no pushback. from the public. Testosterone is down estrogen is up. Woke women want sensitive, soft men that cry on their shoulders about everything. Were older, and my girl comments on it all the time. She doesn't understand why...
  16. gofaster87

    RAN ACROSS THESE MALE TRT & BONER PRODUCTS ..never saw then before

    How's the Cialis at 15mg? Most I've taken is 10mg/day.
  17. gofaster87

    RAN ACROSS THESE MALE TRT & BONER PRODUCTS ..never saw then before

    Transdermal just seems too inefficient. Also, why use a cream for ED when Cialis is easy and cheap. That little pill works wonders.
  18. gofaster87

    What foods have you grown to hate because of this lifestyle?

    Dont know man. I love catfish. Almost prefer it to salmon.
  19. gofaster87

    Bank collapses March 2023

    It seems the whole internet thinks the banking fails and financial crisis is a lead up to a standard digital currency being implemented. I can't see it happening anytime soon but if it ever does were are fucked. When and where I spend my money is my business and the govt can go eff itself.
  20. gofaster87

    GYMnTONIC banned me because I didn't pay on a bet he REFUSED..... SCREEN SHOT WITH Proof!

    Im in Vegas as well and there are plenty of shady fuckers here that dont pay up on bets.