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  1. unseenrhymes24

    SBLabs Letdown

    How much should we order at a time? What is considered a respectable amount?
  2. unseenrhymes24

    TRT Prescription

    That is my next step, thank you.
  3. unseenrhymes24

    TRT Prescription

    They are 200 mg/ml. My doctor said that he could order from their compound pharmacy and the it would be 30-40 dollars for a 2-3 month supply. I was thinking that cvs would do the same. So I would get 8 vials or so all at once even though 1 ml vial last my two weeks based off my dosage. CVs said...
  4. unseenrhymes24

    TRT Prescription

    Hey everyone, I recently started TRT, everything has been going well for the few months I have been on. My question is regarding the number of vials I am given each month. My doctor put in for a few months' worth at the CVS. They are only giving me 2 1ML vials each month, but I am pretty...