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    1st and 2nd order experience

    Been a professional bodybuilder for many years. Been doing this a long time. Clarity is definitely legit. Communication is great. Domestic delivery was fast. (1st order 3 days, 2nd order 5 days). Packaging is good. Tablets are made well. Oil did not crash. I wanted to wait a bit to give a review...
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    Got screwed.

    In response to getting screwed. Anabolicsfast is 100% bogus. I have been in the game many, many years. I was referred to this site by a friend and although the deliver from China relatively quickly, the gear is complete crap. do NOT use them!!
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    Multy dose jugs, are they safe.. Subject: Are JUGS really safe or sterile for us to be using? Real cause for infection? A lot of you guys who know me, will know that I haven't been on the boards in a while. The reason is, I've been out of the...
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    Scrioxx Fake Check

    Friend of mine has alot of them...told me he deals directly...idk...labels looked suspect
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    Scrioxx Fake Check returned an email and verified very quickly, I was impressed
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    Scrioxx Fake Check

    Thanks....I'm going to flip him to Abaxen though.....
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    Scrioxx Fake Check

    My Boy bought these but I dont have much experience with Scrioxx....anyone?
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    East Coast Cup

    Anyone competeng this Saturday in New Haven CT East Coast Cup Show? Hit me up immediately.....
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    Poll: Customer provides wrong address over and over, who's at fault here?

    The fact that multiple reships went out by Levram stops in my tracks immediately. What other source would do that? No one would. Its ridiculous. Levram actually cares about his business and his customers....there is no other reason. You ar elucky if a source sends out one reship.....very lucky...
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    Taking a big risk ordering online

    JFresh, I understand your position but this place is somewhere people can go and be relatively comfortable ordering. There is a bond here unlike any other place. Do you have the occasional piece of shit like MLG who just takes your money? Yes, it happens but not a few...
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    Who is a certified personal trainer here?

    ACSM or NSCA CSCS....I have both and As I am at LA fitness now, I can tell you that it is not a sales job at all....when I was at NYSC it was....not at LA Fitness....they have training counselors who do all the just need to maintain your clients
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    IFBB pros blast

    I honestly believe it goes both ways as I have known many pros both male and female. I know some who will swear they take one cc of sustanon and one cc of eq a week and they are well over 300 lbs while others would take enough to make you wonder how they are still even alive. Personal experience...
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    Sebaceous cyst (I think..)

    Keep it clean and make sure it does not get bet is to keep it covered. Odds are, it will subside. Personally, I always keep antibiotics laying around just in case....wise investment my friend
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    Best domestic source for anavar????

    We just started making reviews yet though
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    How much oil for tri's

    Ive done triceps but seem to always get nasty bruises.....even just 1ml of winstrol...same with traps. Delts I have done up to 3mlss same with rear delts no problems
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    MLG took alot of good peoples money and split......shame....he was a good source at one point
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    Best ASS contest $300usd in Valkyrie products

    My opinion is to give it to the girl who isnt already being paid as a model
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    Levram. Whats the verdict.

    Was running their gear for awhile before I asked to be a rep. The product is amazing and I stand behind it 100%. You won't regret it.
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    Best ASS contest $300usd in Valkyrie products

    My one and only...pic taken by me....most beautiful woman in the world! I am the luckiest man in the world going to bed with her every night and waking up to her every day. Love You Denise!
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    Dragon Pharma Tablet question...

    I looked at shows the labels, which match but I cant find pics of the tablets anywhere....