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  1. Victorz06

    Retinoids for acne

    Retin-A helps but have had better luck with clyndomicin (topical). /V
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    Can I avoid HCG? First cycle at 39.

    I run HCG from start to don't really have to during, but some of us don't like atrophy. Depends on your AAS lifestyle IMHO. /V
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    Planning next bulk and need advice Anyone ran Anadrol and Dbol together?

    Both together works for some....but for others such as myself, the combo brings on insane headaches. Just drol if using an oral for me. /V
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    I love your screen name bro! :winkfinger: /V
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    No AI and no plan for PCT....bro, this isn't how this game is played. Running 1.5gr of oil EW (2 of them 19nors) for a first run is wrong on so many levels man. Hope you come up on top after this. Get bloods done ASAP. /V
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    Mods may want to merge your two threads together to better help....peace. /V
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    You can really bulk or cut on just about anything....but most users of tren use it to cut and harden/dry up. And since this is your first run, I probably would have stuck to test ONLY with perhaps an oral like drol. It's good to start adding compounds later on in future cycles to you can see how...
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    Add AAS experience, BF%, and your looking to bulk or cut? You train consistently or just started? Diet in check? /V
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    First Cycle Questions For My Girl

    Yup....var! Primo, Winny, EQ and a little GH can also go a long way. But not all together for a first run. Clen and ephadrine can also be of great help. /V
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    Not everyone gets sides from Tren....400mg is a good number for novice users to start. However, if this is your first run (and it sounds like it)....I'd hold off like mentioned above. It really really helps when folks post stats when asking for advice. You could be a 80 lb female for all we...
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    Order seized. Should I be worried?

    THIS. I stock up around Xmas time for the whole year....never had issues. /V
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    Bp meds while cycling

    Clonidine is some hard core shit....I believe it's a bit outdated and there are a lot better options out there to chose from. IMHO. However, we each respond differently so best talk with your MD. /V
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    deca problems please help

    This! /V
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    Metformin on bulking cycle?

    Not to mention that Met can also deplete the body of essential nutrients as well as killing beneficial gut well as a high risk for lactic acidosis, especially for those with kidney issues. /V
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    Metformin on bulking cycle?

    Used right it can have some benefits. However...if you plan to mess with these compounds, I would turn to good old fast acting slin. On the other hand, doing so takes a LOT of caution and experience. Since you asked about met, I'm guessing you should probably pass. If it's leaner gains you want...
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    Newbie on his cycle

    Too much to pop your cherry with...but since you are on week 10, I guess planning for a proper recovery would be best thing to do at this point. What's PCT look like? /V
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    deca problems please help

    Provi and Cialis until caber is available....I'd actually run both the Provi and Cialis all the way through, and keep using Cialis at about 10mg a day. Cialis is the bomb. IMHO. /V
  18. Victorz06

    Dbol and anadrol together?

    I've mixed them before, but stopped because I really didn't notice much of a difference than using just drol alone. Besides, I'd get some rather severe headaches on both. Drol alone is plenty, IMHO. /V
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    HAIR! And more hair...or no more hair?

    What worked best for me I think was fin, min, biotin, and perhaps the Nioxin products. I've read that some prefer the Nizoral stuff over Nioxin. But in 6 months time, I probably see a good 30-40% improvement. I'd shave my head if I didn't look like a freak of nature.... /V
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    HAIR! And more hair...or no more hair?

    It's really not....the past 6 months is a night and day difference. If I can keep what I have now, I'll be happy. I just didn't want to destroy all the time and effort I put into it trying to salvage. Hopefully I stay the course....if not, the straight edge comes out. ;) /V