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  1. Jmaresca

    Who uses Gpzmedlab ?

    GPZ is good to go. It's legal to buy pins in FL (the state its shipped from) so no issues on that front. I've placed many orders with them with no problems. They have been my go to for pins for 10 years now.
  2. Jmaresca

    MASTERON and prostrate

    Masteron can cause prostate issues. You may want to add in some cialis to the mix. It's good for the prostate. If you aren't able to get your hands on cialis or find it too expensive at least supplement with saw palmetto. It's wise for you to be concerned about your prostate. Are you...
  3. Jmaresca

    test-e, tren-a and dbol questions

    Is your question about if you should up the dbol? If so I think you could either keep it at 40 mg or up it 50 mg per day. What are your plans when that cycle is done? PCT or bridge to another cycle? I ask because I would run the dbol 2 weeks longer then the Tren and test you are taking to...
  4. Jmaresca

    Question about cutting/ dropping BF

    Your metabolic rate will adjust to your calorie deficit. The longer you restrict your calorie intake the greater the chance your metabolism will adjust itself thus causing you to have to cut back even more on your calories to continue shedding fat. Is your goal strictly fat loss or are you...
  5. Jmaresca

    Continuation of Caber Post-Tren

    Yea I get my caber from the same place ;)
  6. Jmaresca

    Cycle review

    Also too clomid and Nolvadex are virtually the same so since you are running your AI post cycle I don't think you need to add Nolvadex with Clomid.
  7. Jmaresca

    Cycle review

    Opps it looks like you are already doing 50 mg on week 16. There looks like an overlap in your scheduling. You have week 14-16 at 100mg and 16-18 at 50mg of clomid. Did you mean weeks 14-15? If so I think your cycle is spot on. I personally would add more test and Tren. Maybe another shot of...
  8. Jmaresca

    Cycle review

    You can probably go 50mg ED on the Clomid during week 16. Other than that I like what you have here.
  9. Jmaresca

    Continuation of Caber Post-Tren

    I would say for as long as the Tren is active. If Tren gives you night sweats and you are getting those sweats 3-4 days after your last pin then you know it's still active and should continue the caber. Personally I like Caber. I use it even when I am not taking Deca/Tren for sexual benefits...
  10. Jmaresca

    6-7x days a week - anyone tried?

    I typically train 7 days per week but I use those extra days to hit a lagging body part some more.
  11. Jmaresca

    Weight is stagnate

    The solution is simple. Burn more calories than you consume. You want to hit 260s so let's say 265. You are at 275 and want to lose 10 pounds. With the right diet you can lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks no problem. You should try to find out what your metabolic rate is. That's the amount of calories...
  12. Jmaresca

    Anavar VS Winstrol

    And at the age of 21 you don't want to start pinning Test. Your body is still changing and your natural test levels are still peaking. I would never recommend a cycle for anyone under the age of 26.
  13. Jmaresca

    Sterile water HGH

    Sterile water? Are you referring to Bacteriostatic water? Bac Water is preferable for constituting HGH/HCG. As far as what's causing the red welts I can't say if it's the HGH since I've never tried HGH but I know that Bac Water never did that to me when injecting HCG.
  14. Jmaresca


    Well now that you mention it I do remember a situation with my old source where everything was great but then the source went out of business and a scam site was put in its place. I didn't get caught up by it because I noticed that they had a new line of products on the site that where...
  15. Jmaresca


    I guess I've been lucky when it comes to sources. Let me ask you though. In those instances where you may have been burnt or had a bad experience did you check out reviews or anything like that?
  16. Jmaresca


    Really? I thought the Mods had some process in place before allowing a source to sponsor? In any event, I found my most recent source here and I coudnt be happier. I did my home work before testing them out though too.
  17. Jmaresca


    I don't think anyone is coming at you because you asked for a source instead of researching the board for one. It's more about not wanting to out a source to a stranger. I am sure you understand and respect that. Sometimes when we communicate with others by email, text or message board things...
  18. Jmaresca


    Thanks for sharing your source for supplies. I found out about GPZ a little over 10 years ago when they had different yet very memorable web address. GetPinz dot com. Ever since I haven't needed to look elsewhere with the exception of getting my hands on Bac Water. I recently went on a GPZ...
  19. Jmaresca


    Never heard of them but will check them out. I just wish GPZ carried Bacteriostatic water. Then they would be my one stop shop for everything I could ever need as it pertains to supplies. I have to go to Amazon or Mountain Medical to get Bac Water.
  20. Jmaresca


    The size of their lots are probably huge. For example they sell syringes in bulks of 100. Those 100 syringes probably came out of an even bigger box with 10000. When guys like us make a purchase we buy a couple things. Maybe 5 sealed vials or 50 pins. They probably have clients who order 5000...