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  1. Dozer

    The Rock- what exactly is he running? If you had to guess

    Take a look at Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos just google “Before and after” - it’s hilarious. Hollywood elite are all going to “Youth clincs” etca. I think we can all agree at the least HGH and TRT because it’s legal. Perhaps dabbling in some extras for roles like Pain & Gain which was 2013...
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    NPP subq?

    My friend is literally doing this same cycle right now...are you him? Anyways he hired a former bodybuilder for this cycle and his coach has him doing this. The claim is that it have a more controlled rate of absorption. A few notes: He was getting hard red lumps in his stomach where he...
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    My first cycle, I noticed the first few weeks, I had crazy vivid dream. Mostly sexual. We always dream we just don’t normally remember them. It could be the compounds... it could also be that you are not sleeping well.....It could also be that you are excited to make your injection in the...
  4. Dozer

    So much blood

    This one time I didn’t feel like donating at a clinic.
  5. Dozer

    Fuck methadone!!!

    Sounds like some psychotherapy could be of help to some of you guys. Personally, I don’t have the kind of money to make that type of long term commitment but many many celebrities and elite class member participate in it and find it to be of value in understanding themselves better. Sometimes...
  6. Dozer

    Post Cycle Hair Shedding

    Clomid, that’s my other suspicion . I stopped one week ago and the shedding seems to have slowed down. Anyone see their hair thicken up after being off the juice for a few months? I’m a few years shy of 30 and I’m reluctant to start rogane as once your on you are on forgood.
  7. Dozer

    Post Cycle Hair Shedding

    I’m aware of DHT and hair shedding but I have been off Winny for prob 6 weeks. People who complain about Winny report instant hair loss following dosage. Considering it has a 8 hour window once the Winny clears and DHT settles you should be in the clear, no?
  8. Dozer

    Post Cycle Hair Shedding

    Okay so I know 9/10 responses will be, “SHAVE IT”. So if that’s what you have to say, fair enough, just read this and don’t post. However, I’m about 5 weeks post cycle and my hair is shedding like crazy. Literally thinning out before my eyes. I can see my scalp and I used to have a very thick...
  9. Dozer

    Cycle help please

    @ OP You should be seeing results anywhere from 10-20 min after first injection. One week in and your not seeing anything? ....your gear is bunk
  10. Dozer

    My PCT plan

    If he missed doing HCG throughout cycle (250iu x 2 per week) he can blast some going into his PCT. You would do that HCG after your last Test injection. Not sure if the dosage. Maybe 500iu E3D???
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    I am very fair skinned and this shit works! I use about 2 bottle every summer for the past 3 years. This stuff gives me almost a natural sunblock. I would normally have to use sunblock regularly or risk burnt skin but not when I’m using melatonin. In one instance I was in the Bahamas and out...
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    Awesome shows

    Yeah, The Nick Season 1 was good. I haven’t seen S2 yet. The Night Of (HBO) Ozark (NetFlix) True Detective (HBO) Billions (Cinemax)
  13. Dozer

    EQ and low libido?

    Yeah but I did another 10+ weeks without the Winny and still did not see any issues.
  14. Dozer

    EQ and low libido?

    Interesting, like I said this is my first time so I don’t have a baseline. I’m always horny so maybe that explains things. I kickstarted with Winny and after about an hour of digestion I’d get random boners. I also ran HCG throughout. I would say right around the 5-8 week mark I noticed I...
  15. Dozer

    Awesome shows

    I’ll second Mindhunter on Netflix
  16. Dozer

    EQ and low libido?

    I’m just finishing up my EQ (900mg) / Test E (600mg) cycle. I had no libido issues. Although this was my first cycle and I have little experience I would say you may have crashed E2. Arimidex is pretty strong stuff and people seem to have a hard time betting the dosage correct. EQ...
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    Not the greatest genes for aesthetic muscle structure
  18. Dozer

    Now I remember why I stay in...

    Maybe they (In the FED) realized your a psychopath and not to mess. While the average drunk joe shmo doesn’t have the Emotional Intelligence to realize they shouldn’t fuck with you. (How’s that for a ego stroke)
  19. Dozer

    Now I remember why I stay in...

    Maybe your just not smart and got caught? Stop apologizing for everything. It waters down the value of an apology. Oh you bumper I to me!!?! Big deal. Just say excuse me. What are you sorry about?
  20. Dozer

    Am I going to die

    lol....I think someone thought it was my delt, which it is not. That’s my ass. YOUR WELCUM