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    Ocular Hypertension

    Are they saying glaucoma? Stent to lower iop
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    Coming off trt

    Thank you everyone. I was taking 200mg a week now nothing for a month. Said to never go back on trt.
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    Coming off trt

    Hello all I have been on trt for ten years now. Last year had brain stem stroke had 7 surgeries and survived. I had high bp about a month prior to this happening. Now that I got back on trt my doc wants me off. My hemotocrit and hemoglobin was a little high and concerned that trt will lead to...
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    New to ASF

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    New asf member

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    New here

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    Want more Muscle hardness & Density? "Super-Drol" By P.S.L.

    Unsure if I could take due to medical history
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    Forum newbie

    Welcome tons of knowledge here
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    Welcome ton of knowledge here
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    Newbie to the Forum Scene.

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    Newbie to the Forum Scene.

    Welcome great place to learn
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    Going off trt

    Trying to find another good doc in Arizona. Anyone know of any. She actually wants to lower to 100 a week now stating 150 a week is still high. Never does that. Or said to just stop, I was like then I will fill like crap and crash my test back to zero. She did that wouldn’t happen. Grrr
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    New Guy

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    Hi everyone : )

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    New guy!

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    🪓3 Loggers wanted (apply within)🪓

    This would have been amazing for me. Lost a ton of weight due to health issues and TB and lgd would have been great