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    Fu**ing Priceless

    I don't know why but ole buddy reminds me of Luimarco lmao
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    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    If you haven't started watching "Heels" yet on Starz your truly missing out . Great Show
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    My buddy was a huge fan in 97 and went to see them in a town in tn . He said they were so piss drunk they pretty much lost his respect for them lol. Jon Davis apologized about it lol
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    What's Going on with You Guys!

    Just was gonna give an update fellas. Had a pretty bad argument about a month ago ended up almost like last time stayed with my buddy until this past sunday . Just moved into my new place this week and man I've gotta say life has been a whirlwind. Being without your kiddos and having them think...
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    Should I be worried

    Aleve and put a hot ass heating pad on it and that spreads the oil - - - Updated - - - Yea 1” is big af on delts it kinda hurts and scars ya up more
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    On test only 800 mg a week

    That’s a lot of test make sure taking estrogen blocker
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    Who is the most famous person...

    I guess I’ve led a pretty unglamorous life compared to you guys geez . I’ve talked to Tim Tebow that’s about it lol
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    Does smoke and marijuana smoke more particularly

    Lmao , that’s awesome mk
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    Does smoke and marijuana smoke more particularly

    As long as you stick to sativa it gives me awesome mind to muscle, paranoia is crappy sometimes for me but good after15-30 mins . The older stuff actually made me lazy but I want the Person I am now back then
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    Prodigy Workout Music

    Wes is the Firestarter !!! Lol
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    Knowing When the Gig is UP..!

    I was getting looks like that at wally world hard last night ...............alot of them talking about my tattoos as well lol . I'm used to it and doesn't bother me too much I do get the "steroid comments" and I just laugh at those
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    Our Brother REHH

    You got this!! Good Vibes and Prayers your way
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    John Meadows passed away

    Awesome man . Prayers to his family
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    Witch labs you prefer? Tell us top 3?

    What’s your top 3 lol named 7 bro
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    Anyone still do "total body" or "full body" routines?

    I don’t get burned out on lifting it seems mixing it up
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    --->> Euro-Pharmacies TD!!!

    Get after it with that primo depot !
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    Stop worrying about health

    Your title was just a fail bro , I totally understood what you were saying and reading this thread has made me laugh pretty good as I’m seeing at waiting room for surgery . And y’all can keep ya heroin crack and balls lmao
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    From MACHO to gay!

    I think you should dress up like macho man and post a pic Monstro
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    Anyone still do "total body" or "full body" routines?

    I lift very strange compared to most guys, I will do chest, back, arm, leg workouts all mixed together and mix in abs and Chuck Norris machine lmao . I feel it makes me more athletic and not so blocky
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    I just became a member of the cool guys club

    I’ve ran all 3 and hex did give me less sides personally, low mg tren is the way to go imo. You guys crack me up in here trolling lmao