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    What’s your EDC?

    I have to travel through Houston every week. My EDC is a Springfield armory XD 40 cal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boobies and Booties!! 2.0

    Those eyes are saying, do you like what you see. Then, come and fuck me!
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    Loving this experimental "old guy"cycle

    I worked with not one but two 1-uppers in the same room. It’s entertaining to say the least. It does get old though having to hear story after story. A couple of us would just tell a random made up story just to hear those two one up the story and each other’s.
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    Woman Peeing During Deadlift

    Hell I would lay down under her while she deadlifts and squats and revel in her piss. I mean if she wanted I would even suck her 1-2” clit if it helped her lift more while she benched.
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    Wesley VS. Super R-Andro by Iron Mag Labs

    Nice bro, excited to see the results.
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    What is it about EQ?

    I had made the best strength and mass gains when I ran a test E/C and EQ cycle for 20 weeks. I ran a power lifting program, the Cube Method for 20 weeks (each program is 10 weeks). Only thing I would have changed was how I ate during that time. I had the mindset on seeing just how big I could...
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    Need help with workout

    You could do something like Brandon Lilly’s Power lifting programs, The Cube Method, and 365 Own The Day. These are great strength and size programs, especially if you have a partner.
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    low tren/ High Test or High Tren/ low test

    A few years back I ran monster gears rip stack 300mg, 100mg of test p, tren a, masteron in the blend. I got great results, I was getting ready for a vacation. Anyway, only thing I didn’t like about that run was I got very bad muscle cramps. The cramps might have been due to equal test p to tren...
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    Female figure competitor saying hi!

    Welcome! Go to the AAS sponsored forums once there you will see a lot of sponsors all with great quality products. You can’t go wrong with any of them.
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    Muscle & Fitness Chicks

    Idk, but the 2 older people back left noticed something.
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    👹👹 Monster needs help 👹👹

    I loved the rip blend from monster. I used it before my wife and I went on a vacation a few years ago.
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    What’s everyone’s cycle?

    I am currently running: Monday/Thursday pin days Weeks 1-12 750mg test e 400mg tren e 12.5mg exemastane every pin day Weeks 7-12 50mg winny pre workout
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    Never again

    I’m not trying to cause a shit storm, but maybe pm the rep(s) before arbitrarily creating a post that will negatively impact a sponsor before you know all the information.
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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Reply to a post and either select the portrait icon (far left side) or select the attachment (paper clip) icon.
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    High octane is 🔥

    Do it! Wear her out!
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    SB labs dirty contest

    I was picked as the winner of last week’s giveaway and picked NPP. The package was waiting for me in the mail box when I got home last night. I wanted to take a more risqué pic but that’s as far as the wife would go.
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    High octane is 🔥

    20mg Cialis, 50mg viagra in a little pill.
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    Please welcome our new board rep Heavyhitter

    Congratulations HH! I don’t know how many boards SBLabs is on or if it’s just this one but he responds back quickly. Glad to see SBLabs reaching out to get a rep on board, I’m sure it’s overwhelming to not just rep but be involved in the entire process.
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    SB labs dirty contest

    Those pics need to go in this thread here: SB Labs Dirty Weekly Giveaway.
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    Start playing your dick right in front of her. She will either say what are you doing, or just watch you, or actually start getting involved and let you stick it in her. And if she just watches or says what are you doing, when you finish you say, now that could have been in you but you chose...