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  1. CavabangaKarl

    Where do I find one?

    Just print on vinyl and enjoy =)
  2. CavabangaKarl

    Where do I find one?

  3. CavabangaKarl

    Where do I find one?

    Haha, not bad
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    Cheers buddy!
  5. CavabangaKarl

    Hey now!

    Welcome bro!
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    Welcome to ASF!
  7. CavabangaKarl

    Newbie on Board

    Hi Bob, welcome!
  8. CavabangaKarl

    Hello All

    Welcome brother! You can feel you free, like at your home :)
  9. CavabangaKarl

    New here been trt for a year or so

    Welcome dude!
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    Welcome brother, over there many people which can help you in any questions about this shit :)
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    Another FNG

    Welcome bro
  12. CavabangaKarl

    The method to the madness

    Damn, dude, it looks like memoirs. Nice to read
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  14. CavabangaKarl

    Hgh and T3

    Just Imo, if you can avoid the game with thyroids, do it. Better to lose fat is right diet and cardio. But, this is my opinion, you free to do what are you want :)
  15. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    Why not in AAS section, question is about AAS :hmm:. I just had a couple of questions, why I need to make multiple same threads in different sections for every question? Imo it's dumb :(
  16. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    So, someone have personal experience with this juice?
  17. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    Thanks, I was thinking same... So, what written in descriptions it's bullshit and just advertising....
  18. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    I ask more for personal experience, which effects, feeling
  19. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    Hey guys, I have found a mix Supertest 450 made by SP Labs and its contains: Testosterone Acetate 32mg/ml Testosterone Decanoate 147 mg/ml Testosterone Propionate 73mg/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate125mg/ml So, how much is difference of effects with...
  20. CavabangaKarl

    Russia prepping for WW111

    Another shitty yellow story, Bad Russian bear again want to eat saint US.....maybe enough? The US in this story is a bad country (not the peoples which live on its territory, I'm speaking about the policy and deeds)