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    Stark labs

    Anyone have any info on stark? Anyone have any bloods?
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    Montser labs & alpha pharma

    Thank y'all, I think I'm going to do a small order, please get back to me with blood work!
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    Montser labs & alpha pharma

    Has anyone ever used monster labs? Good gear? Also has anyone ever used this website for alpha pharma? please share
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    global pharma

    okay I asked recently if anyone had herd of the pro supps source, all they sell is global pharma.. has anyone ever herd of this lab??
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    Using different test esters

    Once again I'm pretty new to the site but I have a friend shooting 500mg of test e a week and 300 test prop a week. He says he loves it but I feel like he couldn't give me a good explanation of why he is mixing the two esters. That seems like a large amount of test to just be walking around not...
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    Pro suppliments source

    yes I'm sure. They are just a source that sells global pharma. - - - Updated - - - also thank you guys!
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    Pro suppliments source

    Keep forgetting to introduce myself as a newbie but hey guys anyone ever dealt with pro supps source? Any good?
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    Pro suppliments

    Anyone ever herd of these guys? Good source? Quality of gear?
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    Hgh source

    New to the forums, looking for a new hgh source.