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    Further proof that Anabolic America is garbage.

    Well, I was just about to get some test E and dbol from them, but your experience has me thinking Ill find another source... Who do we like that is reputable?
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    Sexy pic of my wife- NSFW

    oh lord! LOL!
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    Spotify or Pandora... Or other

    I use Pandora, and it's fine. I want to try spotify though, for sure. I use these for my headphones and they work fine. Charge em once a week and you're good to go. ( and I go 6 days a week for a couple hours at a time )...
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    Anyone experience shoulder pain in joint from sleeping on your side?

    I Have this exact same thing going on for the past 2 weeks. I got a deep tissue massage on saturday, and I modified my sleep position last night, and it has def helped. ALSO: take a look at how you are sitting at your desk, using your computer. My chair was a little low and I noticed that my...
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    Post Cycle Therapy

    Good read!
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    Ill keep an eye out, for sure
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    What's up with dudes at the gym wearing tights?

    I wear them on leg day. Under something. There is a guy that goes to a gym here locally that wears them and nothing else, but he has massive legs. So, for him, I get it. Chicken leg dudes need not apply. haha!
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    Hi, New Aussie Here

    Hey man, welcome! I just joined myself, a couple weeks ago. LOTS of good stuff here. Make sure to read the stickies and have fun!
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    New Guy, Checking in...

    Thanks for all warm welcomes everyone! ..and for the advice about reading the stickies and whatnot. Great place, great guys!
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    New Guy, Checking in...

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tony. Been training seriously for 3 years now. When I started I was 358 Lbs. and was out of breath crossing the living room. Im down to 246 and I hit the weight pile 6 days a week. Seeing some gains, and happy with my progress. Love...